16 million repeat prescriptions were ordered on the NHS app

16 million repeat prescriptions were ordered on the NHS app
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New figures from NHS Digital confirm that 16 million repeat prescriptions were ordered on the NHS App last year.

The NHS App has recorded over 28 million sign-ups, with more than 22 million new registrations in the last year. Within that number, 24 million sign-ups have verified their identity through NHS login, allowing them to access digital health services such as booking appointments and ordering repeat prescriptions.

Within the NHS app, sign-ups can access their COVID vaccine pass, and this feature contributed to the app being the most downloaded free iPhone app in England in 2021.

Current statistics from NHS Digital

New figures from NHS Digital show a rapid increase in usage between June 2021 and May 2022. The figures are:

  • Over 16 million repeat prescriptions were ordered.
  • 1.3 million GP appointments were booked.
  • GP records were viewed more than 90 million times.
  • 277,000 organ donation decisions were registered.
  • More than 22 million NHS App sign-ups (following the addition of the NHS COVID pass in May 2021).

Simon Bolton, Interim Chief Executive at NHS Digital, said: “The NHS App is a great example of how technology is being used to help patients take control of their healthcare in a convenient, secure and timely way. Millions of adults are now using the app every month to order repeat prescriptions, book GP appointments and view their GP records. It’s great to see the use of the app continuing to increase, helping millions of people access healthcare services across England directly from their phone.”

What are repeat prescriptions?

Repeat prescriptions are medications prescribed by your doctor that will be administered regularly. This means that the app user can order medication through the NHS App without having an appointment with a doctor first.

In June 2022 alone, 1.8 million repeat prescriptions were ordered, 130,000 GP appointments were booked, and 4.8 million GP records were viewed. The app saves vital time for patients and clinicians by minimising time spent calling or visiting healthcare practices.

This data supports the new plan by The Department of Health and Social care, which aims to get 75% of the adult population registered on the app by March 2024.

Dr Timothy Ferris, NHS Director of Transformation, said: “The NHS App is already in the pockets of millions of people, providing easy access to crucial everyday NHS services like repeat prescriptions. Our vision is to transform the NHS App into a front door for the NHS, with many exciting new features and changes planned over the coming months and years, from better access to your GP record to booking your Covid vaccine appointments.”

These facts and figures were supplied from NHS Digital.



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