AccumTM variants successfully increase breast cancer treatment potency

breast cancer
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Biotechnology experts Defence Therapeutics have revealed strong in vitro results of its AccumTM variants on the ADC breast cancer treatment called Enhertu® (fam-trastuzumab-deruxtecan-nxki), which is developed byAstraZeneca and Daiichi Sankyo.

Defence Therapeutics has successfully selected and tested five AccumTM variants to the T-deruxtecan ADC therapeutic. The five selected AccumTM variants increased the potency of the T-deruxtecan ADC therapeutic by approximately five-fold on HER2 positive breast cancer and the T-DM1 resistant cell line model named JIMT-1. At a 0.001 ug/ml concentration, T-deruxtecan only induced approximately 13% of cytotoxicity compared to the five Accum-T-deruxtecan variants, which increased the cytotoxicity by 21-37%.

The five selected AccumTM variants will now be transported to Defence’s collaborator at the HUS Comprehensive Cancer Center in Helsinki, Finland, for the optimisation of Defence’s Accum-T-deruxtecan ADC therapeutic.

Defence’s AccumTM platform has been developed and tested in vitro to enhance the intracellular drug delivery on multiple ADCs that are FDA approved or under development. The AccumTM technology platform is very efficient at enhancing intracellular delivery of proteins of pharmacological interests such as ADCs or vaccine antigens.

Sebastien Plouffe, the CEO of Defence Therapeutics, commented: “The strong results confirmed the expectation of our scientific team that the AccumTM can increase the routing and delivery of the T-deruxtecan to the nucleus and consequently increased more significantly the potency of the ADC. That also confirms the strength and optimisation of our AccumTM platform in the ADC field of therapeutics against cancer and the solid competitive advantage we have with our AccumTM variants derived from our AccumTM technology platform.”


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