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Achiko: Healthcare innovations for easy COVID-19 management

Specialising in research, innovation, biotechnology, healthcare, and mobile application development, Achiko provides a multi-faceted diagnostic approach to infection control and COVID-19 management.

Managing the COVID-19 pandemic and achieving virus control has required a multi-layered and complex approach. Alongside measures such as social distancing, additional hand hygiene practices, and vaccine implementation, testing is thought to be key in the continuous control of the virus as restrictions ease and the world starts to return to some form of normality.

In order to support this, Achiko provides a mobile healthcare and digital passporting service for the management of COVID-19. The innovation is a combination of diagnostic technology and a mobile app, delivering a user-friendly and easily accessible solution that lends itself to mass adoption.

AptameX DNA aptamer technology

AptameX is a rapid, non-invasive DNA-aptamer-based technology for the detection of COVID-19 that can be applied to an array of test kits and assay formats. Beyond COVID-19, the technology can be used to detect a range of human pathogens.

Teman Sehat mobile app

AptameX works in synergy with mobile app Teman Sehat (Health Buddy) to deliver a fast, affordable, and accurate mobile digital passport for COVID-19 certification. The app manages the booking, payment, and diagnostic testing for COVID-19, with certified results delivered within the hour (uploaded securely and privately) by Achiko’s health partners.

The combination solution from Achiko has critical and valuable advantages when compared to other testing methods (including PCR and rapid Antigen tests) and other mobile apps, not least, being both cost-effective and scalable, providing an easy method for mass testing on a daily basis.

Innovations in biotechnology

Headquartered in Zurich, Achiko has an international, dedicated, entrepreneurial, and multidisciplinary team that works to develop and commercialise innovations in biotechnology in many different markets.

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