Always Pure Organics: Pioneering the global supply chain of CBD products

In this insightful eBook, Always Pure Organics, manufacturers and distributors of CDB products, provide a comprehensive exploration of their industry-leading and extensive product range and the initiatives they support.

Since its inception in 2018, Always Pure Organics (APO) has positioned itself as the premier producer of the highest-quality CDB products on the market. The company’s rise to become one of the juggernauts of the CBD industry has seen it become the largest independent regulated manufacturer of CBD products in Europe, becoming a leading supplier in the UK and Japan.

APO is a pioneering innovator across a plethora of CBD product categories, including cosmetics, ingestibles, topicals, and many more. In addition to creating their own products, the company expertly sources and develops bespoke, regulated, white label products for their rising list of clientele, boasting over 650 clients worldwide.

CBD products: Endless possibilities


In the UK alone, the cosmetics industry has grown exponentially and is estimated to be worth $959,000,000 in the next two years, being ranked as the UK’s third-largest market in 2020. The UK CBD market has capitalised on this growth, with world-renowned brands such as The Body Shop, Lush, Origin, Keihls, Garnier, NYX and many more utilising CBD in their cosmetics. APO is setting the standards in this sector and was one of the first companies in the UK to register an EU CPNP approved CBD based cosmetic successfully.

CBD consumables

Always Pure Organics possess a vast portfolio of CBD consumables, including CBD oils, softgel CBD capsules and vegan CBD gummies. Their white label oral drops are their most popular product, with oral drops making up over 35% of the EU CBD market. APO’s expert in-house chemists can craft bespoke formulations with trusted raw materials, designing products of the highest quality with a wide array of flavours, such as chocolate, fruits, lavender and even Parma Violet sweets.

Green Circle Project

Always Pure Organics is working diligently to support experts at the forefront of cannabis research, news, and developments. This is demonstrated in their partnership with the Japanese Midori-no-wa (Green Circle) project for children with intractable epilepsy. The initiative is led by Green Zone Japan, a Japanese medical cannabis advocacy group aiming to change the outlook of medicinal cannabis in the country through evidence-based, accurate information. The project initially started with 30 participants in 2010 and now has over 50, including a two and a half year girl whose seizures were cured with Always Pure Organics’ proprietary THC free formulations.


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