Aquarate: Pioneering innovative fluid intake monitoring solutions

In this insightful eBook, Aquarate discuss how their revolutionary fluid intake monitoring technology can help to eradicate the problem of dehydration in the elderly community.

Founded in 2017 by CEO Rebecca Taylor, Aquarate embarked on a mission to solve one of the most paramount issues facing the elderly, a severe condition that claims thousands of lives each year, dehydration. To combat this perilous problem, Aquarate developed its Hydracare technology to accurately monitor an individual’s fluid intake, empowering caregivers with state-of-the-art fluid monitoring equipment and saving lives.

The dangers of dehydration

In the UK alone, around 40,000 people die needlessly in the care sector from dehydration each year, a harrowing statistic that illuminates the severity of the issue facing the elderly community. It is estimated that 75% of people are chronically dehydrated at any one time; however, identifying dehydration in the elderly is much more challenging. This is due to maintaining proper hydration becoming more difficult due to the body losing its ability to retain water as we age and the signs of dehydration being milder.

The effects of dehydration stretch far beyond the physical, with disease-related malnutrition and dehydration placing a financial burden on the NHS of around £13bn per year, with the majority of casualties being aged 65 and over, often resulting in falls, fractures, and UTI’s. Despite dehydration being so dangerous, the condition is incredibly predictable and avoidable, signifying that traditional methods of hydration monitoring are inadequate.

Revolutionising fluid intake monitoring

Conventional fluid intake monitoring methods involve carers and healthcare professionals conducting paper-based recordings of individuals hydration levels, a floored system that leaves a large margin for error for an issue where fine margins make a significant difference.

That’s where Hydracare comes, comprised of Hydracup – a sensor-based smart cup that can effectively analyse the fluid intake of an individual, and Hydratrack – a cutting-edge tracking system that provides comprehensive data to carers and healthcare professionals to aid in managing the hydration levels of an individual.

Find out more today about Aquarate in this eBook, in partnership with Health Europa. 


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