Bespoke high-performance computing for clinical research

Bespoke high-performance computing for clinical research

Say hello to Proline by Exacta: a new breed of high performance workstations developed with AI, machine learning and data science at its core. It all revolves around power, precision, and performance.

Operating out of a state-of-the-art production facility in Bristol, UK, Exacta Technologies designs, configures and builds bespoke branded computer servers, appliances and workstations customised to each individual client’s needs.

How did Proline by Exacta Technologies come to be founded? What sets you apart from other workstation providers?

Exacta was founded by our CEO Nick Rogers in 2001; and right from the start the business set out to provide a level of bespoke hardware tailoring that was not available elsewhere. In our Platform service we created a set of hardware and services which enable software vendors to ensure that their software is experienced by their users in the most optimised and manageable way possible.

Then four years ago, we launched Blackcore: a range of high-performance overclocked servers which use liquid cooling and ultra-low latency to maximise trades per second primarily for high frequency trading. Our proprietary cooling systems delivered a speed and reliability previously unknown in the market and in a very short time we were established in all 26 major financial trading centres worldwide.

We are now taking that knowledge and applying it to other sectors that need real high-performance computing such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analytics, and simulation. We are launching Proline, a range of ultra-high-performance workstations to bring this amazing performance to a more accessible and wider audience.

Can you tell me a bit about Proline’s design and manufacturing process?

Proline has a business model that is very different to all other workstation manufacturers. Instead of long production lines hammering out hundreds of thousands of identical workstations and servers for tens of thousands of clients, Exacta works with a unique customer base and we tailor everything we do to their exact requirements. Many of our clients have been with us for more than five years.

We have created a range of extreme high-performance workstations that are designed to excel in many demanding workloads – all exactly matched to your requirements. By understanding your exact needs, we can deliver performance and reliability that is unrivalled.

Therefore, our design and manufacturing process is simple:

  • Understand your exact requirements
  • Develop an exactly tailored solution to match
  • Build it
  • Support it
  • Measure, analyse and evolve it

What makes your products and ethos stand out in a growing market?

Not many companies execute the same attention to detail and craftsmanship that we do at Exacta. The workstation market is a prime example of ugly, cluttered, and noisy goliath machines – a trend that we intend to subvert by bringing high-performance computing to the desktop in a clean, professional, and super quiet system.

Can Proline help users reduce their operational costs in the long term? What sustainability measures do you have in place?

By giving our customers the right hardware, optimised for their specific workloads, we enable them to decrease time spent performing complex calculations and get results faster. This increases the turnover rate for projects, meaning your team can do more in less time.

What key benefits does Proline offer for users? Could healthcare providers in particular benefit from bespoke hardware solutions?

Proline research has showed that Artificial Intelligence and machine learning development begin with discovery, exploration, and analysis within a dataset to create a model. A key challenge in this work is handling the ever-larger datasets which are required for full manipulation with the suite of supported algorithms. Servers and cloud computing environments struggle with this challenge, because it forces distributed algorithms to fit under the virtual machine cloud instance. Proline workstations avoid many of these issues, because they have a much larger memory capacity than the virtual machine instances of the leading cloud service provider. Our workstations allow for data locality.

The ability to move the data to and from cloud storage is highly dependent on internet speed and the classification or sensitivity of the data. However, a physical drive loaded into a workstation bypasses these issues. It also avoids the time and expense of uploading large volumes of data into cloud storage. These are just some of the reasons why Proline is being deployed in a multitude of industries, all with a common goal of delivering the highest performance computing at the desk.

Does Exacta plan to expand further in the future? Do you envision opening more facilities or producing a wider range of products?

The Exacta group has doubled in size in the last 12 months: we have seen significant growth despite the challenges of a global COVID-19 pandemic. The world’s leading data scientists are now requiring real-time data locality at the desk before deploying to productions servers; and we have seen a massive uplift in analytical customers wanting big power at their fingertips. Proline is specifically developed to bring high-performance computing to a new level.

Our challenge when creating Proline was to stand out in a very crowded market place: we knew there were hundreds of companies creating so-called workstations; and so we at Proline have gone above and beyond to really understand the needs of the highest performance software stacks, and have created a solution which redefines the word ‘workstation’.

Clearly our challenge is making sure that the right people know about us. Once they do, we know that we can give a set of tailored products and services that no-one else can match. Every time we do, we grow.

Wherever exceptional computing is required, that is where Exacta should be. If you are working in AI, clinical research, or drug development then it would be worth having a conversation with us. Proline hardware is tailored to your requirements, making sure you pay for the performance you need – not the parts you do not. All our products are designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility just north of Bristol in the UK.

Learn more about the range on our website:

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Nick Rogers
Exacta Technologies Ltd

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