Expectations vs reality: Norgine data highlights importance of bowel preparation for colonoscopy

Expectations vs reality: Norgine data highlights importance of bowel preparation for colonoscopy

New findings demonstrate that the clinical reality of the liquid volume required for bowel preparation for colonoscopy is greatly underestimated.

At United European Gastroenterology (UEG) Week 2018, pharmaceutical company Norgine B.V. has presented new data showing that almost nine out of ten people questioned across 5 major EU countries expected to drink two litres or less liquid to undergo bowel preparation for colonoscopy. However, this is not the case as the reality typically requires three litres or more to prepare for a colonoscopy.

The importance of bowel preparation for colonoscopy

Bowel preparation liquid is vital to cleanse the bowel prior to a colonoscopy test, ensuring the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the procedure. The volume of fluid required for bowel preparation has been shown to be a key factor affecting the experience of patients, along with their adherence to bowel cleansing instructions.

Such findings emphasise the clear need and opportunities for advances that encourage increased bowel preparation adherence and a better patient experience, while also improving the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of colonoscopy.

Colonoscopy is an effective method for colorectal cancer screening and has been shown to reduce both the incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer when applied in the general population.

Inadequate pre-colonoscopy bowel cleansing reduces the diagnostic accuracy of colonoscopy, particularly for the detection of smaller lesions and sessile polyps. This may result in repeat procedures, thereby increasing costs and potentially delaying the initiation of treatment, and potentially increasing resource requirement.

Norgine’s campaign to drive improvements

“Too often, the high volume of bowel preparation needed to be consumed prior to a colonoscopy does not match the patient expectations.” Says Bharat Amlani, Medical Director for Brands at Norgine.

“This potentially undermines their experience of the whole procedure. Our findings make clear that the colonoscopy community must continue to work together to ensure these are as closely aligned as possible.”

Norgine’s campaign, Scope for Change, conducted the survey as a way to bring the European colonoscopy community together to drive improvements over the coming months and years.

Amlani added: “Norgine is at the forefront of this drive, continuously innovating to improve the quality and patient experience of colonoscopy. This is essential in order to help prevent, identify and treat colorectal cancer amongst many other gastrointestinal diseases.”

“The new availability of highly effective low volume bowel preparations such as the 1L polyethylene glycol PLENVU® can help close this perceptual gap whilst ensuring reliable cleansing success at a reduced fluid volume intake.”

About Norgine

Norgine is a leading European specialist pharmaceutical company with a direct commercial presence in all major European markets.

Specialising in gastroenterology, hepatology, cancer and supportive care, the company aims to facilitate high quality colonoscopy.


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