New infection control service launched for Canadian healthcare facilities

Raising the standard: the next step in infection prevention and control

A national infection prevention and control service has been launched in Canada to help stop the spread of infections in healthcare facilities.

QM Environmental, a leading Canadian environmental and industrial services company, has launched the national control service, which reduces the risk of healthcare-related infection caused by particulates, fungi, and bacteria that are spread through the environment through construction, renovation, and maintenance activities.

Preventing the spread of infection in healthcare settings

Jeremy Robinson, Head of Hazmat and Emergency Management and Environmental Response Services, said: “In a country that has experienced a stark increase in the spread of infections, infection control has become a significant concern in Canada. According to research, one out of 20 patients that enter a healthcare facility develops an infection due to the facility, and one out of 20 of those infected will lose their lives.

“QM is the first company to provide infection control services across Canada. Our technicians include a national network of highly skilled and trained employees with the experience to perform this work safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.”

To date, QM has provided infection control services as part of a number of complex projects in both acute and non-acute health care facilities including the Nanaimo Public Health Unit, Cowichan District Hospital, and Delta Hospital.

The company’s infection control services include developing infection control plans; conducting an Infection control risk assessment; developing hoarding wall plans; assessing Air Handling Unit requirements; containment design; and pressure monitoring.

Robinson added: “QM has the know-how, equipment, and nationwide support of all the major general contractors doing critical work in acute and non-acute healthcare facilities in Canada. Our reputation precedes us like no other company in the field, and our safety record proves we are up to the highest standards. Additionally, QM has the reach, reliability, financial support, and insurance coverage to approach every infection control project with risk management in mind.”


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