CanaQuest delivers on its passion about impacting lives on a global scale

CanaQuest delivers on its passion about impacting lives on a global scale
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CanaQuest has developed a safer THC medical cannabis formulation (Mentabinol™) from research and pre-clinical trials at Western University.

CanaQuest has developed a safer THC medical cannabis formulation (Mentabinol™) from research and preclinical trials at Western University. The following is a brief overview of the public health implications of using cannabis and, CanaQuest Medical Corp – ‘CanaQuest’s’ – developments. There are four major problems resulting from chronic exposure to THC which are addressed by CanaQuest’s formulated solution ‘food grade botanical extract ‘BX’ and THC.’

Public health implications

A lack of definitive evidence has resulted in insufficient information on the health implications of cannabis use, causing a significant public health concern for vulnerable populations such as adolescents, pregnant women, and others. Unlike with substances such as alcohol or tobacco, no accepted standards exist to help guide individuals as they make choices regarding if, when, where, and how to use cannabis safely and, regarding therapeutic uses, effectively.

What is medical marijuana?

The term medical marijuana wrongly refers to using the whole, unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts to treat symptoms of illness and other conditions. There is a need to separate medical cannabis from other forms of recreational cannabis for the benefit of the population. Effective and safe medical treatment using cannabis is a high priority. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not recognised or approved the marijuana plant as medicine.

CanaQuest is working primarily in the science of cannabis. CanaQuest is a medicinal products R&D company, focused on the development of proprietary science based products utilising cannabis oil, combined with other botanical and nutraceutical extracts. Positive data from their research and preclinical trials have put CanaQuest in a position to safely introduce their novel THC patented formulation today, and their CBD based formulation into the marketplace in the very near future. Management has a combined 100 years of experience in management, design/process, commercialisation, product development, accounting/CFO, and sales.

CanaQuest through its subsidiary ADC BioMedical Corp. has obtained a purchase /sales, import/export licence for medical cannabis and medical cannabis products without possession as permitted under the Health Canada Cannabis Act.

Research and development

Their extended research team is working with two prestigious universities: The University of Waterloo – led by Dr. Dr. Jonathan Blay PhD, FRSB, FIBMS, Csci, Cbiol four (4) scientists; and Western University – lead by Dr. Steven Laviolette BSc, PhD & his team of twelve (12) scientists. Their research is focused on:

  • Mitigation of the spread of cancerous tumours;
  • Development of novel pharmacotherapies for mental health; and
  • Demonstration of a formula to eliminate the risk inherently associated with the use of THC.

The ailments that their research is focused on are anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, PTSD and addiction. Dr. Steven Laviolette stated, “These research projects have identified safer and clinically superior cannabinoid formulations aimed at treating the symptoms of various psychiatric disorders, while eliminating the negative side effects associated with traditional marijuana formats.”

About Mentabinol™

Mentabinol™ – formulation utilising food grade botanical extract ‘BX,’ Omega -3 and THC
The application of Mentabinol™ in preclinical trials at Western University have demonstrated:

  • Reversal of depression-like and schizophrenia related symptom effects;
  • Complete blockage of memory impairment;
  • Complete blockage of hyperactive activity;
  • Complete blockage of gene vulnerability.

Mentrium™ – Formulation utilising food grade botanical extract ‘BX,’ Omega -3 and CBD

This formulation was developed to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD and pain while enhancing CBD efficacy.

Competitive advantage

Working with Laviolette (a scientific veteran with over 13 years of experience of research in the field of mental health and cannabis) as an industry partner with Western University and their dedicated scientific team of 12 scientists’ awards CanaQuest a tremendous competitive advantage compared to sporadic publicly disclosed research in this area. The completed preclinical trials at the Western University lab demonstrate very promising results.

Intellectual property protection

The THC Medical Cannabis Formulation Patent has been filed which provides protection against negative effects of acute and long-term intake of THC.


Laviolette, Western University, quoted, “Given the magnitude of our results, this is a real
game changer.” Laviolette is also publishing his research paper with a reputable/peer reviewed journal.

Marketing & sales

CanaQuest’s extremely experienced US Branding and Marketing team has been selected and their execution plan is in place to rollout their first CBD formulated – science backed products – providing market development strategies to build sales in the food, nutrition and vitamin & dietary supplement industries. Presently, the company is in discussions with licensed producers and processors in Canada and the USA for processing and distribution domestically and globally.


CanaQuest is ready to build or white label the CanaQuest e-commerce website as they have now received a sales licence from Health Canada.

CanaQuest target global Markets – Initial THC formulation

Based on studies, research and anecdotal data, CanaQuest recognises that cannabis is very effective for mental and physical ailments. CanaQuest believes that in time, they can reach most – if not all consumers of THC products (recreational or medical), who are concerned about the long term negative psychotic effects.

As per the medical market, it is obvious that every physician will select safer products (without any side-effects) for their patients, especially when there is no price difference between ordinary THC and formulated safe THC. In essence, their THC based products are scientifically backed and will be priced at the same levels as their competitors’ products.

Global awards finalist – the International Trade Council

CanaQuest has been selected as a global award finalist by the International Trade Council. This invitation to the final judging will take place during the Think Global Conference on October 22 -23 in Chicago. This recognition of CanaQuest medical’s work opens doors for international business opportunities. CanaQuest Medical Corp will present before a world famous judging panel and an audience of 500+ CEO’s, investors and government ministers and ambassadors from 28 countries.

Paul Ramsay, Co-Founder and President of CanaQuest stated, “Being selected as a Global Awards Finalist out of 3000 applications is an honour and speaks loudly about the importance of the positive results from Dr. Steven Laviolette and his team’s formulated product developments.”

CanaQuest plans to raise funds to:

  • Continue research and product development;
  • Bring their products to market;
  • List on the Canadian Securities Exchange “CSE”;
  • Initiate human trials (currently in discussions with mental health professionals); and
  • Formalise collaboration agreements with pharma companies.

CanaQuest formulated products will only be sold upon receipt of approvals from the appropriate regulatory authorities. CanaQuest continues to look for global collaboration and distribution partners. Innovative medical research and product development will be ongoing in support of its partners.

Paul Ramsay
Co-Founder & President
CanaQuest Medical Corp
+416 (0)704 3040
Tweet @CANQF

This article will appear in Health Europa Quarterly Issue 11, which is available to read now. 


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