Cann-Expo: production and manufacture of medical cannabis event

Cann-Expo: production and manufacture of medical cannabis event

Set to become the leading international B2B commercial science event for medical cannabis, the Cann-Expo is launching in Athens, October 21-22.

Cann-Expo knows the global medical cannabis industry is maturing, and that people are more aware than ever of the massive therapeutic and curative potential of cannabinoid-based products. However, the buzz that once sustained this emergent market is no longer enough – last year, we saw Canadian share prices drop.

CBD products were found to contain little to no CBD in them, and continued public uncertainty over the legal status of medical cannabis has led to an overwhelming concern about the credibility of the nascent medical cannabis market.

As well, ongoing worldwide shortages of premium medical-grade product have prompted questions about how companies can address the growing demand for medical-grade cannabinoid-based medicines, without compromising on quality or patient safety. 

Cannabis regulation

Alongside a growing concern from global medicines agencies about the consistency, safety & quality of medical cannabis products, licensed producers also face challenges around navigating the tangled patchwork of regulation, adhering to, and implementing GMP guidelines across their supply chains and distribution networks. It is now essential for meaningful conversations to happen, and to begin talking pragmatically about supply chain management. It is vital to address the knowledge gap between medical and agricultural elements of medical cannabis production.

Cann-Expo aids licensed producers optimise their supply chains for the industrial-scale production of cannabinoid-based medicines, in line with essential regulatory standards and quality control procedures ensuring patient safety.

Covering the entire supply chain, Cann-Expo discusses the production and development of cannabinoid medicines from both a practical and commercial perspective.

Cann-Expo, will bring together over 500 international corporate-level individuals and decision makers from the medical cannabis eco-system. Licenced producers, manufacturers, distributors, solution providers, government ministries, regulators, policy makers, and medical professionals from across the globe will come together to work towards creating a standardised industry framework for the production of medical cannabis.

Overview of topics that will be discussed:

  • Clarity on Industry Standards – Is it possible to build a universal industry framework for the production of medical cannabis?;
  • Growing at an Industrial-Scale – Implementing quality assurance strategies, managing your supply chain and and adhering to global GMP guidelines;
  • Improving Medicine – A look at the latest extraction techniques, ensuring maximum yield & potency for cannabinoid-based medicines; and
  • Improving Patient Access – Breaking the stigma surrounding cannabis and improving patient access first begins with educating those in a position to prescribe the medication, and supporting claims with evidence-backed data.

Event information

The first edition of Cann-Expo will take place in Athens, Greece from Wednesday 21 – Thursday 22 October 2020, at the HELEXPO – Maroussi.

Europe is anticipated to have the largest legal cannabis market in the world by 2024, and an estimated market worth $39.1bn. It is expected to be a significant hub for the production and distribution of medical cannabis. So far, Greece has already issued 35 licenses to vertically integrated producers, and with another 60 still under review, production is expected to commence during the second half of 2020. Bridging the emerging Asian, African and Middle Eastern markets, Athens’ location is ideal for companies looking to break into the European and global markets.

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