Cannabis extraction: preserving the natural cannabis terpenes

Cannabis extraction: preserving the natural cannabis terpenes
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A company has recently announced its new strain specific terpene rich product lines derived from the highest quality hemp and using exclusive cannabis extraction technology.

The cannabis extraction experts, which owns the worldwide IP and R134a extraction technology has announced its new strain specific terpene rich product lines, delivered by utilising its PURE5TM equipment, extracting high quality flower.

PURE5 Extraction is introducing the line of Pure Botanical Extracts (PBXTM) Full Spectrum Hemp Terpenes which have been delivered from fresh flowers preserving the natural terpenes from the original hemp strain.

CEO of PURE5 Dr George Stantchev, said: “Our hemp terpenes are produced using a non-destructive pure botanical extraction process concentrating all the terpenes in an unaltered profile suspended in natural oils from the plants.”

Preserving cannabis terpenes

For this product PURE5 selects the highest quality hemp or cannabis flowers coupled with Pure Botanical Extraction (PBX) process delivering the highest concentration of terpenes.

The strains are uniquely grown to boost the full terpene spectrum in the flower, then selectively extracted to bring out the pure natural terpenes – including all major and minor terpenes.

The extraction process employs a low-pressure, room-temperature, non-polar fluorocarbon solvent allowing us to capture every potential terpene along with elemenes and ketones all suspended in the natural oils from the hemp flowers.

What is unique about this process is that the extracted terpene profile repeats the exact flower terpene profile in approximately 30 times more concentrated form. The additional two terpene profiles detected in oil were below the detection threshold in the flower and were detected in the extract after they have been concentrated.

Since the extraction is carried out at room temperature there is no destruction of existing terpenes or new by-products created in the process. That means that the experience of using the flower in any delivery form either vape, supplement or topical will be exactly as the plant itself maintaining the terpene, enzimatic and mineral content intact.

Pure Botanical Extraction (PBXTM) process

The terpene fraction captures the entire terpene profile from the plant which is highly concentrated in original non water-soluble oils from the plant. PBXTM Terpenes are the follow-on fractionation concentrating the entire cannabinoid profile over 65% with a lower concentration of terpene oil. No other technology can deliver the natural hydrocarbons from hemp like PBXTM.

All our products are third party tested for Cannabinoids, Terpene Profile, Residual Solvents, Inhalable Microbial contamination and Presence of Pesticides. The PBXTM technology is fully applicable as to the Sativa and to the Indica cannabis plants.

Myrcene, caryophyllene, humulene, pinene and linalool are more common amongst hemp flowers.

Live Resin is delivering:

  • 33.1 % concentration of terpenes;
  • 34.12% total cannabinoids;
  • 28.4 % CBDa / 3.44% CBD; and
  • Up to 40% concentrates in finish products.

George Stantchev, CEO
+1 (602) 992-0744

To find out more about PURE5 see the below articles, and read more in the second edition of Medical Cannabis Network out this April.


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