Could cannabis terpene formulation treat COVID-19?

Could cannabis terpene formulation treat COVID-19?
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A unique formulation of cannabis terpenes is being tested for its efficacy in treating viral infections, including COVID-19.

The cannabis terpene formulation is uniquely dedicated for the treatment and prevention of viral infections and is specifically designed for high-risk populations and treatment of infections such as the COVID-19 novel strain of coronavirus.

In previous research, undertaken since the outbreak of the SARS virus in 2002, cannabis terpenes have been found to be effective potential antiviral agents, and specific terpenes that came into contact with the SARS virus were found to reduce its severity and impact (both in-vitro and in-vivo) by withholding a certain protein that replicates the RNA – preventing it from penetrating healthy cells and using them as hosts for its replication.

Novel antiviral terpene formulation

The novel formulation is designed to be consumed by direct inhalation.

CannaSoul Chairman, Professor Dedi Meiri of the Israel Institute of Technology, said: “Our lab has been approved to operate as a corona lab, and in doing so, we are promoting two studies based on existing cannabis studies.

“First, we will try to identify the plant’s own molecules that are capable of suppressing the immune response to the COVID-19 coronavirus – which causes inflammation and severe disease – to lower the immune system response without suppressing it, thereby providing better complementary treatment to the steroids, which completely suppress the immune system.”

The second study is looking at the ACE2 receptor – which allows the virus to inject its genetic expression into human cells and proliferate.

Meiri continued: “There is a process that examines the effect of cannabis molecules on proteins as well, and we are now examining which ones are relevant to the same receptor, with the goal of reducing its expression, making it difficult for the virus to enter the cell and proliferate.”

Eybna’s CEO, Nadav Eyal, said that: “This type of delivery method is a game-changer, enabling us to achieve therapeutic qualities from these unique phytochemicals like never before.”

Cytokine Storm Syndrome

The studies hope to provide treatment for viral infections via modulation of ‘Cytokine Storms’. A number of COVID-19 cases have been linked to ‘Cytokine Storm Syndrome’ whereby the immune system goes into overdrive and releases too many cytokines – proteins important in cell signaling – into the body at once, attacking healthy lungs and causing massive organ failure.

The collaboration will enable CannaSoul’s analytical expertise, which is based on accumulated clinical data, and Professor Meiri’s pioneering research to customise Eybna’s novel terpene formulation for optimising its anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

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  1. The results of marijuana as a possible remedy for COVID-19, a few preclinical research searching at the possibility of cannabidiol, a key constituent of cannabis, have advocated that the substance may be able to allow some exceptional outcomes in humans with hepatitis C and Kaposi sarcoma. This way that, despite the fact that CBD may have some software in opposition to the unconventional different viruses, due to an absence of right studies, any claims closer to this are inconclusive.

    • My Husband in big into marijuana in all forms and is very knowledgeable on it. He also has Hep C . He gets blood work down every year. I think he would be a great study for you. Marijuana is a game changer and I know my Husbands love and knoweldge of Cannabis will make him part of the furture in Marijuana.

    • One of my favorite sayings that the rasta musicians would say in reggae music. The poor know more because they’re
      not going to pay for a lying lawyer

    • Colorado’s infections are mainly in care homes, deaths have come to those who smoke cigarettes or have underlying health issues, in other words, people who don’t give a hoot about their health. I have not seen or hears of anybody who uses cannabis that has gotten COVID-19 but hell I don’t know them all.

    • My family came down with corona virus in December in southern Colorado, and had it verified with the antibody test. I have been making tinctures of cannabis using as many as forty different strains in the mix, and when we got sick smoking wasn’t happening so we took massive doses of the tincture. My wife and I made it through the 104 fever and coughing in about two weeks with a persistent cough and lost sense of taste, but now back in health. I believe the scientists in this study are on the right track, but should combine all terpine profiles to cover all bases as it were. Practically no one is sick out here, as social distancing is the norm.

  2. I drove myself to the emergency room with a loss of smell. I was admitted. They did all the tests for COVD-19. After the test results, I was told that I was positive…..but whatch this…..I WAS RELEASED!! BEEN SMOKING THAT LALALA SINCE THE SEVENTIES!!! A NATURAL CURE ALL. AND DO NOT FORGET YOUR APPLE CIDER VINEGAR,RAW ONION,IF YOU CAN. IF NOT ..FRIED IS OK AND LAST.. HONEY.. EVERYDAY AND A FEW TOKES A DAY WILL KEEP THE DOCTOR AWAY. AND YOU MUST EXCERCISE AT LEAST THREE TIMES A WEEK. AND ALWAYS.ALWAYS PRAY. BE SAFE. MUCH LOVE. Anonymous


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