CBD education: 71% of Brits do not know if CBD has drug-like effects

CBD education: 71% of Brits do not know if CBD has drug-like effects
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A new survey has revealed that the majority of Brits are still unsure as to CBD’s effects.

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the most popular wellness trends in recent years, with an estimated one in every ten people using it in the last twelve months. However, a new YouGov survey has revealed that the majority of Great Britain is still confused about how safe CBD really is, including whether or not CBD has drug-like effects.

The study, commissioned by Truverra, asked over 2,000 people to answer which drug-like effects CBD has, if any.

Brits unsure if CBD has drug-like effects

The results showed that 71% of surveyed British adults believe that or are unsure whether CBD has drug-like effects, suggesting consumers still confuse CBD with cannabis.

When presented with a list of drug-like effects one in six respondents (17%) said CBD is addictive. Meanwhile, 14% said it caused psychosis and a further 14% said it makes you paranoid.

Dr Mary Clifton, a licensed doctor and CEO of CBD and Cannabis Info, explains that while there continues to be a lot of myths surrounding these products, it is crucial to realise there is a difference between CBD and cannabis.

She said: “It remains a concern for people that they are going to get into trouble using CBD, traveling with their CBD or having it in their home, but with there being no risk for a psychoactive effect CBD is totally different than cannabis or whole bud cannabis. It is important that we make this differentiation because cannabis is a highly controlled substance.

“CBD products are not cannabis or cannabis. CBD is derived from the same plant but it is considered more medicinal than whole bud cannabis.

“I am amazed at the patients that I am working with who are experiencing significant improvements in their diseases with the administration of CBD, and they are from all walks of life and all age groups.”

CBD education

Truverra has launched an educational campaign to bust many of these falsehoods around CBD.

The campaign includes a video in which members of the public were interviewed about their misconceptions, as well as a quiz where people can test their knowledge.

Jeff Adams, CEO at Truverra.com, said: “With CBD attracting more attention and consumers wanting to understand exactly what CBD is and the benefits it can bring we want to shed some light on the topic and correct any misconceptions people may have.

“There are many reasons why some people are reluctant to use CBD, but we feel this all comes down to misinformation and misunderstanding.

“We truly believe education is the key to CBD, which is why we want to correct any misconceptions the general public may have and share some of the many advantages CBD brings.”

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