Introducing the Colombian hemp-based wellbeing product to complement day-to-day life

Introducing the Colombian hemp-based wellbeing product to complement day-to-day life
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Clever Leaves, the vertically integrated Colombian company licensed to elaborate medicinal cannabis, will today present ESENIA, its hemp-based CBD brand for women, at Cannabis Europa.

The ESENIA range, with its first product: ESENIA ESSENTIAL, is currently the only hemp-based wellbeing Colombian product for women to be commercialised in the UK. ESENIA by Clever Leaves is complying with all the regulation and UK law and is set to be presented today at the Cannabis Europa conference.

Hemp-based products for women

Developed from the non-psychoactive component of CBD, ESENIA is part of Clever Leaves’ commercial line of wellbeing products and is designed to offer women a product that will complement their day-to-day life and improve their general wellbeing and health.

The ESENIA range was created specifically for women, managing busy lives while aiming to stay fit and healthy. With benefits ranging from managing stress, improving sleep, improving focus, easing soreness and discomfort, ESENIA provides women with a product that will ensure a harmonious balance to their lives.

Made up of five different products, the ESENIA range is designed to improve the wellbeing of people, each with a unique focus. ESSENTIAL works to improve the general welfare of our target market.

The ESSENTIAL hemp-based product

ESSENTIAL contains CBD, a naturally occurring substance that is non-psychoactive and imparts a feeling of relaxation and calm. The dosage of the product begins with a sublingual spray every 8 hours for 15 seconds. Progressively, the number of sprays, under the tongue, increases every 8 hours until reaching the expected results.

Alvaro Sanchez, Global Head of Consumer Products at Clever Leaves, explains: “This achievement ratifies the huge steps that the Colombian industry is taking and is proof of our compliance to the demands and high standards of the European market.”

“Presenting ESENIA we are meeting, in the most efficient way, the needs of the European market, starting with the UK. ESENIA highlights our commitment to the education, science, research and development of high-quality hemp-derived products,” adds Sanchez.

About Clever Leaves

Clever Leaves, a vertically integrated Colombian company and legally licensed to cultivate medicinal cannabis, began its operations in Colombia in April 2016. Clever Leaves is cultivating under the Good Agricultural Collection Practices (GACP) certification process.

The company has as its objective to become the world’s largest medicinal cannabis grower by 2023 with over 10 million ft2 of growable terrain. Clever Leaves has a team of over 400 employees, being the biggest employee in the region of Pesca Boyaca. Today, Clever Leaves has a production of 12 cultivating hectares with the objective of reaching to 25 by 2019.

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