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Colzyx: combatting the growing threat of multidrug-resistant bacteria

Colzyx is mitigating the impact of multidrug-resistant bacteria by developing completely new and innovative wound care and antimicrobial products.

Colzyx contributes to better world health by increasing global health with less multidrug-resistant bacteria, the improvement of wound care with accelerated healing, and improved quality of life by increasing patient mobility.

Infections with multidrug-resistant bacteria are an increasing global public health threat and are emerging at an alarming rate. In this context, the ESKAPE pathogens are characterised by their increased resistance to commonly used antibiotics, such as penicillin, vancomycin, carbapenems, etc.

Most wounds heal uneventfully but, unfortunately, there are wounds that fail to do so and such wounds become chronic. Chronic wounds are a significant concern to around 200 million people worldwide. These wounds are a global problem; they decrease patients’ quality of life and generate high medical costs. Novel wound care products addressing both rapid wound closure and combat of infections are urgently needed.


Given that antibiotic resistance has been described as ‘the greatest threat to human health’ there is pressure to act fast. Colzyx is therefore developing a new generation of bioactive wound dressing that accelerates healing and combats infections, including those that are multidrug-resistant. The novel medical device, called WOUNDCOM, uses highly bioactive peptides derived from the human collagen VI molecule. Colzyx’s proprietary effector molecules are also used as an innovative surface coating.

These effector molecules are designed to mediate accelerated wound healing; prevent persistent wound infections and subsequent biofilm formation; remove existing biofilm and render bacteria susceptible to antimicrobial treatment; mediate antimicrobial effect, including effect against all known multidrug-resistant bacteria; adjust the level of inflammation; and reduce pain.

WOUNDCOM has a proven dual function of accelerating wound healing and having a pronounced effect on a wide range of bacterial infections, including a broad spectrum of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, as well as multidrug-resistant bacteria.

In the area of biological collagen management, Colzyx’s BIOCOM project sees molecules derived from its technology platform used as surface coating on implants, for example titanium or ceramic surfaces. Such implants are expected to have superior tissue integration as well as exhibiting antimicrobial effects. Colzyx is the first company to utilise molecules derived from human collagen VI for this purpose which provides a unique position.

When it comes to collagen management of bacterial infections, Colzyx’s COMBAT project is enabling it to utilise molecules derived from human collagen VI with antimicrobial properties. Colzyx is the first company to do so, placing it in a unique position.

WOUNDCOM uses the molecules derived from human collagen VI and their combination with a biomembrane. The product acts locally in a wound bed mimicking natural collagen VI upregulation in the healing process and avoids systemic exposure, paving the way for a favourable safety profile. Colzyx’s compounds proved more effective in combating bacterial wound infections and with no cytotoxic side effects.

In 2019, Colzyx received a total of approximately €5.5m in financial support from the Horizon 2020/EIC Accelerator programme. The support consists of approximately €2.5m in grants and an investment from the European Investment Fund (EIF) of approximately €3m. The investment is part of the recently formulated ‘blended finance’ initiative and Colzyx is one of two Swedish companies that, for the first time, qualified for this type of investment. In May 2020, the Grant agreement was signed between Colzyx and the European Commission.


  • Wound care and management
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Bioactive wound dressings
  • Implant coatings
  • Collagen management of bacterial infections


  • Mediate accelerated wound healing effect
  • Prevent persistent wound infections and subsequent biofilm formation
  • Remove existing biofilm and render bacteria susceptible to antimicrobial treatment
  • Mediate antimicrobial effect, including multidrug-resistant bacteria
  • Adjust the level of inflammation
  • Reduce pain

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