Defence Therapeutics Accutox exhibits potent anti-cancer properties

Defence Therapeutics Accutox exhibits potent anti-cancer properties
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Defence Therapeutics Inc. has announced a major breakthrough advance in its pre-clinical research program on its AccuTOX molecules as potent anti-cancer agents.

The AccumTM technology platform is very efficient at enhancing intracellular delivery of proteins of pharmacological interests such as antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) or vaccine antigens. Defence’s scientific team recently identified a novel function for the use of “free” AccumTM and its recently developed variants as anti-cancer molecules.

AccumTM platform

The Defence team engineered a large library of AccumTM variants (over 50 so far). They are currently being tested for their therapeutic efficacy against breast, colon, melanoma, and lymphoma cancers. In addition, a new strategy is currently being developed to engineer an “intelligent” Poly-AccuTOX molecule (a chain of various AccuTOX molecules) capable of selectively killing a wide range of cancer cells without collateral side effects.

Sebastien Plouffe, CEO of Defence Therapeutics, said: “The AccumTM technology platform is displaying multiple targets in its versatility. You can use it with ADCs or any other protein of interest, such as vaccine antigens, to enhance their intracellular delivery to target cells. We additionally discovered that when delivered without direct linking onto protein, the AccumTM moiety behaves as a toxic “bullet” to cancer cells. Such discovery re-enforces the idea that AccumTM can be exploited for various applications without the need to develop other unrelated molecules.”

The global immunotherapy market size is estimated to reach USD$117bn by 2026 according to Market Study Report LLC.


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