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Defence Therapeutics: Transforming drug delivery and improving treatment

Defence Therapeutics is continuously expanding on its portfolio of solutions to enhance drug delivery and improve treatment outcomes for patients with cancer and infectious diseases.

Defence Therapeutics is a Canadian biotechnology company focused on the development of the next generation vaccines, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), and anti-cancer small molecule therapeutics.

Antibody-drug conjugates or ADCs are a class of biopharmaceutical drugs developed as a targeted therapy for treating cancer. ADCs are designed to target and kill tumour cells, whilst sparing healthy cells.

The core of Defence’s technology is centred on enhancing the delivery of proteins, antigens, or drugs into target cells in order to bring forward transformational outcomes for patients who have no effective treatment options.

Accum Technology

At the centre of Defence’s therapies is the AccumTM technology, which, once chemically-linked onto biologicals, promotes their escape from non-specific endosomal degradation once captured by target cells. This strategy improves upon the specificity, function, and safety profile of currently used unmodified antigens, drugs, or antibodies. As such, Accum can be easily applied to fine-tune drug delivery or amplify immunity to treat aggressive illnesses, such as cancer and infectious diseases. With such versatility and flexibility, Accum is a multi-functional technology capable of transforming any given biological for enhanced intracellularly delivered to where it is mostly needed. The platform also allows for re-application of formulations to the latest viruses, for targeted efficiency and positive patient response.

Defence is focused on developing dendritic cell-based cancer vaccines, ADCs, and small super-antagonist molecules capable of targeting various cancer indications (lymphoma, melanoma, colon, and breast cancer) as well as infectious diseases (COVID-19, HPV, and more).

Supporting research

Defence currently has several major ongoing research programmes to further develop and assess the efficacy of its solutions. These include:

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