Diabetes UK welcomes government’s Childhood Obesity Plan Chapter 2

Diabetes UK welcomes government’s Childhood Obesity Plan Chapter 2

The chief executive of Diabetes UK has expressed his approval of the government’s publication of the Childhood Obesity Plan Chapter 2, which he says has the potential to turn the tables on the “Type 2 diabetes time bomb”.

Childhood Obesity Plan Chapter 2 forms part of the government’s commitment to halving the level of childhood obesity by 2030.

Chris Askew, Diabetes UK’s chief executive, commented on the organisation’s website: “We welcome the ambitious range of measures outlined by the government in their commitment to tackling the childhood obesity crisis facing the UK.

“These measures – if translated into legislation and action – have the potential to transform the health of our nation and begin turning the tables on the Type 2 diabetes time bomb we currently sit upon.”

Helping consumers make healthier choices

Askew continues: “In particular, we welcome the proposed commitment to clear, consistent calorie labelling in restaurants, cafes and takeaways. Research tells us that having this information available helps consumers make healthier choices, so this could, in practice, be an incredibly positive step in the right direction.

“With one in three children either overweight or obese before they leave primary school, it’s clear that bold, decisive action needs to be taken. Being overweight as a child can significantly increase your risk of developing serious conditions like Type 2 diabetes in the future.”

The future of Childhood Obesity Plan Chapter 2

He concludes: “The challenge now will be ensuring that the voices of all those who champion making the healthy choice the easy choice are listened to and for these commitments to become a reality. We hope this second chapter in the Childhood Obesity Plan is the start of a new chapter in our approach to tackling obesity – and in turn Type 2 diabetes – across the UK.”

What work has Diabetes UK done?

Following the success of Diabetes UK’s Food Upfront campaign, which called for compulsory consistent food labelling on all packed foods and restaurants across the UK, on 24 June, the government proposed measures to strengthen food labelling.

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