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Discover how Finsen Tech is reducing HCAIs with UVC technology

Finsen Tech is an international EPA registered manufacturer and provider of UVC products and services contributing to the prevention and reduction of HCAIs (Healthcare-Associated Infections) by delivering scientifically proven, cost effective, rapid, and high disinfection technologies.

Finsen Tech produces the world leading Telescopic High Output Rapid UVC robot, THOR UVC® and the HYPERION® UVC chamber.

Our company credo states that we will design, develop, and manufacture safe products that excel in terminal disinfection reliability and are manufactured to the highest quality international standards. We present these at an affordable price to assist in seamless implementation for our customers. This commitment extends to everything that we do, bringing our best to the people who use them.

Finsen Tech has collective experience and expertise in the medical device and UV infection control and hospital sterilisation space spanning more than four decades and was formed following extensive years of research and development into the most cost-effective delivery systems of UVC disinfection application.

More power, shadow reduction, and precise room dimensioning

THOR UVC® is a revolutionary total room disinfection robot which is used to terminally clean both air and surfaces – eradicating and eliminating 99.9999% of healthcare-associated infections in just minutes. THOR UVC® has many unique features, such as emitters that go from floor to ceiling eliminating areas of shadow. It is also the only UVC system available worldwide that provides three pre-treatment room scans, ensuring that the most efficacious disinfection cycle is delivered every time.

Unique design

The HYPERION® chamber is a unique surface decontaminator, effective against all known problematic pathogens. Its unique, patent-protected, six plane, ultraviolet (UVC) decontamination process penetrates hard-to-reach areas of products that are often missed when disinfecting by hand.

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Discover the UVC products and services helping to prevent HCAIs

Finsen Tech provides UVC products and services that contribute to the prevention and reduction of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HCAIs). Finsen Tech deliver scientifically proven, cost effective,...

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