Discover how to fight COVID-19 indoors with clean air

Discover how to fight COVID-19 indoors with clean air

The risk of contracting COVID-19 indoors is much higher than outdoors.

A total of 31% of COVID-19 outbreaks in Spain have started in the form of indoor gatherings. LED Direct highlights how coronavirus spreads via small contagious particles in the air, which are first exhaled by the infected party and then inhaled by a non-infected person.

The three known causes of COVID transmission are:

  • Water droplets created when speaking/coughing
  • Contaminated surfaces
  • Aerosol transmission – airborne transmission

How can LED Direct help?

In the latest innovation to tackle the global outbreak of coronavirus, LUG has launched the Purelight Flow UV-C with a focus on stopping the spread by disinfecting the air and surfaces in the room.

The Purelight machines work by penetrating cells and breaking down the microorganisms and RNA of viruses like COVID-19. UV-C radiation disinfects the air and surfaces in the room (walls, worktops, objects, etc.) and is able to reach various nooks, in the form of reflected rays.

By having the machines in homes, businesses, and schools, we can slow the spread of COVID-19.

The risk of not having proper infection control measures

Unfortunately, whether you maintain social distancing or not, talking in a group of six for hours on end in a room with no ventilation will likely result in the spread of COVID-19. If one person is infected and the gathering lasts four hours, the other five people will be at risk of infection if no one wears a mask. Even if you all wear masks, four of the five will still be statistically at risk. However, this infection rate drops below one person if the room is ventilated, everyone wears masks, and you drop the gathering time down to two hours.

A beneficial component of indoor disinfection is UV-C lighting. There are many industries that would benefit from investing in UV-C lighting, with the Purelight Flow being at the forefront of UV products available in the UK.

To find out more about the dangers of indoor COVID-19 transmission, click here, where LED Direct discusses the risks of communicating, public gatherings, and schools.


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