Discover the UVC products and services helping to prevent HCAIs

Finsen Tech provides UVC products and services that contribute to the prevention and reduction of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HCAIs).

Finsen Tech deliver scientifically proven, cost effective, and rapid high disinfection UVC products and services and produces the world leading Telescopic High Output Rapid UVC robot, THOR UVC®. Finsen Tech has a collective four decades of experience and expertise in the medical device, UV infection control, and hospital sterilisation space, and has been harnessing the use of its technologies to help combat HCAI’s.

Finsen Tech was formed following extensive years of research and development into the most cost-effective delivery systems of UVC disinfection application and is committed to supplying our customers with the best products and services, while maintaining affordable prices.

UVC for disinfection

As the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted healthcare across the globe, demonstrating a clean, safe and infection free environment has never been more critical for healthcare providers.

Manual cleaning is known to miss 50% of all surfaces. THOR UVC® can offer a solution to this problem, being the only device that can provide more power, shadow reduction and precise room dimensioning.

THOR UVC® uses shortwave UV light, which at 253.7 nanometres, is proven to kill all known superbugs in just minutes. Pathogens such as Cdiff, CRE, VRE, Candida Auris, Ebola, Coronavirus and Norovirus, are denatured and destroyed.

The device has the added benefit of its telescopic reach being significantly higher than its predecessors, obliterating pathogens from floor to ceiling, while ensuring even those hiding in shadowed areas are not missed. The robot disinfects a 360- degree area, irrespective of obstacles and senses clutter and reduces shadows, delivering a peak germicidal dose to all areas.

Find out more about UVC lighting solutions to Hospital Acquired Infections today.


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