Donatella Fazio, Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT)

I was invited by the editor of Science and Technology, Mr Clifford Holt, to give a contribution on the FP7 research project BLUE-ETS Enterprise and Trade Statistics – funded by the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, Theme 8, Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities- based on a consortium of 14 partners for which I act as Coordinator of behalf of my Institute (Italian National Institute of Statistics) leader of the Consortium.

I found it was a great opportunity to illustrate to a vast public the mid term results of the project pointing out some elements for a roadmap of future European research needs linked to the statistical and economic topics raised by the project.

I thank the Journal for the chance that it has given to BLUE-ETS to contribute to foster the European debate on the research frontier generated by the project.


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