EIT Health paving the way for healthcare leaders of the future

EIT Health paving the way for healthcare leaders of the future
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Discover the launch of EIT Health’s prestigious 2019 Summer School Programme, targeting the healthcare leaders of the future.

This week, EIT Health opens registrations for its Summer School Programme, which are available to students and young professionals across Europe with the aim of implanting innovation into their knowledge base and skill set. 13 courses will run across Europe with a focus on digital health and healthy ageing.

EIT Health Summer School Programme

Now in its fifth year, the EIT Health Summer School Programme aims to support the health innovation landscape by empowering the healthcare leaders of tomorrow by providing participants with the necessary skills to begin their journey of developing innovative ideas and turning them into compelling business cases that can attract investment.

The summer school subject matters are selected by EIT Health each year based on the latest evolutions in the health innovation sector. This year, EIT Health will run 13 summer schools across Europe focusing on fostering healthy lifestyles, innovation in healthcare and supporting digital transformation.

“We are delighted to, once again, offer a number of high-calibre programmes to health interested students and young professionals in Europe as part of our Summer Schools,” said Ursula Mühle, Director of Education at EIT Health.

“Allowing our participants the opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in health innovation, and develop cutting-edge skills, is crucial to the growth of our sector. Our summer school courses are tailor-made and are a crucial building block of the further educational programming provided by EIT Health. We are proud to play a role in educating the healthcare leaders of tomorrow.”

Developing healthcare leaders of the future

The 2019 Summer Schools will each focus on a defined topic including:

  • Data-Driven Prevention Policy in Public Health
    Issues facing the health industry, and the creation of innovative, lasting solutions to tackle the public health challenges of the future
  • Innovation Game (Gotland, Sweden): Gaming design technology as an educational tool to promote healthier lifestyles
  • Innovating the Joy of Eating for Healthy Ageing (Barcelona, Spain): Nutrition as a method of illness prevention for our ageing population
  • Including Clinical Data into the Development of a New Medical Device, from Idea to the Market (Grenoble, France): Lifecycle of new medical devices, from concept to market.
  • Leveraging E-Health Workforce by Advanced Skills (Budapest, Hungary and Barcelona, Spain): Digitalisation in health including; digital healthcare tools, big data and how to stay ahead of digital advancements across the health sector
  • Health Mobility & Active Ageing (Lisbon, Portugal): Design, development, and implementation of health and independence solutions for patients at risk of reduced mobility
  • Digital Health Companions for Chronic Pain (Munich, Germany): Empower patients to better manage and alleviate chronic pain
  • Setting up a Healthy Business in Healthcare (Delft, Netherlands and Barcelona, Spain): Collaboration and creation of businesses to address real-world problems
  • Innovation in Chronic Disease Intervention (Heidelberg, Germany): Creating a start-up to address chronic disease prevention
  • Biology of Brain Disorders (Dublin, Ireland): Combines the study of brain disorders with innovation training
  • HelloAI (Budapest, Hungary and Barcelona, Spain): Developments and applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare
  • Making Physical Education Inclusive and Open to All (Dublin, Ireland and Munich, Germany): Improve physical education participation for individuals with intellectual disabilities
  • Artificial Intelligence for Reinventing European Healthcare (Archamps, France): Practical and theoretical implementation of artificial intelligence and its challenges.

Registrations for the EIT Health summer school are open between April and July, and the courses will take place between May and September. For more information about the EIT Health summer school programme, please visit summerschool.eithealth.eu.

About EIT Health

EIT Health is a network of best-in-class health innovators backed by the EU. We collaborate across borders to deliver new solutions that can enable European citizens to live longer, healthier lives.

As Europeans tackle the challenge of increasing chronic diseases and multi-morbidity and seek to realise the opportunities that technology offers to move beyond conventional approaches to treatment, prevention and healthy lifestyles, we need thought leaders, innovators and efficient ways to bring innovative healthcare solutions to market.

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