Envirolyte: hypochlorous acid as a COVID-19 continual disinfection method

Envirolyte: hypochlorous acid as a COVID-19 continual disinfection method

It takes only one person that is carrying the COVID-19 virus to infect many other people whenever they are within close proximity or in a confined environment.

This appears to be happening regularly, as the continual COVID-19 monitoring has highlighted, therefore, an increased amount of infections is being encountered.

This has resulted in lockdowns for various towns and cities, due to excessive numbers of people going to large social gatherings like raves, parties, and protest meetings. It has also happened to people who have travelled on aircraft. All of these scenarios have increased the virus infection rates that are being contracted due to individuals getting too close to each other.

Ongoing prevention

Here at Envirolyte, we firmly believe that a prolonged and ongoing prevention regimen has to be carried out by using an Ultrasonic Fogging Humidifier. We use Anolyte ANK our Electrically Generated Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) as the Disinfection liquid.

Anolyte ANK our HOCL is a powerful antimicrobial liquid which is used to produce a fog at 100 ppm into the ambient air within an internal space.

The 100 ppm will provide residual disinfection against the Coronavirus over a 24/7 period or for people working an eight to 10-hour shift.

The humidifier is set to maintain the humidity at a level that will cycle the fogger on and off, whilst maintaining a residual disinfection level within a working environment or office space.

The above humidifier can be used in offices or small areas that are between 40 to 50 square metres, multiple units can be used for larger working areas if required. We can also supply and install bigger humidifiers to suit large working areas or provide them for specific applications.

Eradicating the airborne virus will stop it spreading and infecting people. The virus poses a threat within sealed buildings that have large centralized HVAC systems along with four-pipe fan coils or even AC splits systems, that might have an outside air make up system included.

Protecting workers

To protect workers the virus has to be prevented from entering the internal environment of buildings, this can be hard to do, and could be a very expensive exercise.

An option is to provide internal fogging of Anolyte ANK within office spaces using local ultrasonic humidifiers, or by using larger models to fog into Centralised HVAC Air Handling Units.

These methods would help to ensure that the COVID-19 threat can be controlled on a 24/7 basis, but it would also be prevalent to disinfect the workers as they enter the building where they work, this is done using a disinfection/decontamination tunnel.

The inside of the tunnel is saturated with Anolyte ANK at 500 ppm as a dry fog.

This disinfection liquid is safe and non-toxic to humans, and under laboratory test conditions it proved that it would kill COVID-19 in two minutes at 100 ppm when using EN 14476:2013 and A2:2019.

A person enters the chamber and is exposed to the fog for 30-seconds, this eradicates the virus from their skin, hair, external clothing, tools, or bags that they might be carrying.

Companies have been using contractors to do one off or repeat visits to fog and disinfect their premises, this can be costly and may not always be beneficial, as it does not provide ongoing residual disinfection.

Is the long-term use of chemicals that the contractors are using safe for your employees; this is one of the worrying things that is currently an unknown quantity? Take alcohol-based hand sanitisers, will we see a rise in dry skin conditions or even cases of dermatitis affecting people?

The safe way forward in protecting your employees at your premises is to provide intermittent fogging within rooms in the building, doing this will reduce any airborne and surface transmission of the virus.

With the virus being airborne the threat is always present, so within a working environment like a hospital, office, manufacturing facilities or even shopping and retail environments, there must should be a continual disinfection programme, so that people can go back to work knowing they are being offered protection against COVID-19.

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