Everything a commercial cannabis grower needs to know about lighting

Lighting is key to getting the best out of your cannabis plants, but getting the right lighting can be difficult. In this ebook, Heliospectra takes you through all you need to know about cannabis lighting – grower-to-grower.

This guide contains insights from real-world cannabis growers and will provide you with everything you need to know about making informed decisions regarding modern lighting systems for your cannabis grow, helping you to select the lighting that is best for you, and implementing it for optimal results.

Exploring photoperiodism

Light and dark are some of the most important factors when it comes to growing cannabis as the plants depend on day and night rhythms to signal growth and to know when to flower. This guide explores the details of photoperiodism and how you can apply the concept to benefit your cannabis cultivation.

The guide explores long-day v short-day, choosing photoperiods, and the differences between photoperiods for indica and sativa strains.

Mimicking nature

Seasonality shifts the light spectrum, which is why different kinds of lighting is used for different seasons when cultivating cannabis. This guide explores how growers can mimic these natural changes in seasonal light through use of different kinds of lighting, exploring the benefits of lighting from CMH lights, to HPS and LED.

The guide takes a close look at Daily Light Integral (DLI) and how LED lights can help recreate natural lighting phenomena, as well as taking a look at the right kind of lighting for clones and seedlings, as well as teaching growers how the nuances of lighting translates into profit.

Find out more about optimal lighting for cannabis cultivation with Heliospectra today.


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