Fotonica bio-lighting: cultivators increase cannabis yield and potency

Fotonica bio-lighting: cultivators increase cannabis yield and potency
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Cultivators have succeeded in dramatically increasing the yield and potency of cannabis crops with a superior lighting solution.

Earlier this year Fotonica™ engaged with several leading cultivation facilities in North America in order to accurately test and prove the superiority of their DLED™ (Dynamic Led Lighting System) over conventionally used lighting fixtures such as LED or bulb based (MH/HPS) solutions.

Fotonica’s LED technology provides an optimal lighting solution (‘Light recipes’) for crops with highly efficient intensity as well as precise and uniform levels of photosynthetic flux density (PPFD).

With the use of the innovative lighting solutions, cannabis cultivation experts have increased both the THC and terpene content of their crops.

Innovative lighting solutions

The innovative EVA3™ utilises a unique electrical operation technology that enables growers to implement specific light recipes and growth protocols that perfectly match a plant’s phenological stage and biomass development in order to enhance optimal crop yield biomass and quality while reducing energy consumption.

In Ontario, Canada, Fotonica compared their EVA3™ lighting fixture to several other competitive solutions. Plots were carefully selected to test pre-defined light recipes with and without the addition of UVB. The conclusion of this initial testing proved that the results for EVA3™ generated on average 15% higher yield than most fixtures while using 41.6 – 44.6% less intensity (roughly half) compared to other similar fixtures.

These initial results support the claim of an overall more efficient light spectrum with the EVA3™ compared with the fixed spectrum of all other light fixtures.

Increased flower biomass

Measurements taken for the growing bed on a similar density showed the EVA3™ generated better results through higher flowers biomass. With the same density and rack position EVA3™ showed up to 37.7% more yield per square foot.

At another cultivation facility located in Washington State, USA, EVA3’s performance was evaluated for cannabinoids production on four different varieties of cannabis characterised as high THC varieties.

Fotnica’s EVA3™ technology was compared to the best practice used by this cultivator with MH/HPS lights.

Results in this demo plot were evaluated for both biomass productivity and secondary metabolites content.

The results proved that flower biomass generated by the EVA3™ lighting system generated an average of 8.5% higher biomass in all four varieties.  Almost all four varieties showed a dramatic increase on THC with the EVA3™ and increase in all four varieties for terpenes.

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