Gama Healthcare: preventing infections in healthcare settings

In this booklet, Gama Healthcare explores the importance of hygiene and cleaning to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses in healthcare settings.

In healthcare environments, harmful microorganisms can be found everywhere – from surfaces such as door handles and countertops to shared equipment or on people. Due to this problem, every year millions of patients across Europe contract some kind of Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI).

Founded in 2004 by doctors Guy Braverman and Allen Hanouka, infection prevention specialists Gama Healthcare recognises the importance of disinfection products that would help to solve many small problems that contribute to the spread of infection in healthcare settings.

To tackle the issue, Gama has developed a diverse portfolio of disinfection products, ranging from specialised isolation products to personal hygiene products, and has secured several patented formulations for a variety of surface disinfection products. These innovations are scientifically proven to prevent infection and are backed by clinical evidence for use in healthcare, corporate, and household environments.

Infection prevention products

COVID-19 has made the issue of infection prevention and control more vital than it has ever been, and now that hospitals are beginning to open, disinfection processes are becoming much stronger. Many bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 and drug resistant pathogens, can often remain on surfaces in healthcare environments following normal disinfection procedures, meaning they need a more powerful agent to remove them from surfaces and equipment.

Gama Healthcare explores some of its innovative products that can help combat the issue of hard to kill viruses and dry biofilms on surfaces which contribute to persistent outbreaks, such as its Clinell peracetic acid wipes which can provide enhanced disinfection, the world’s first mobile isolation room – the Rediroom – and other flagship products, such as the Carell Bedbath Range.

Education and training

Gama Healthcare also believes that training and information is a vital component of successful infection prevention, and encourages both infection prevention awareness and the development of workable infection prevention methods.

Gama has established its own Clinical Educator teams of experts, who help train its partners and their staff on how to use its range of products to get the best protection against harmful micro-organisms, and this year will see the opening of Gama’s new infection prevention super hub, which will feature a world-class training suite that will allow Gama’s educators to provide training to distributors and Gama partners.


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