Global hackathon launched for COVID-19 technology solutions

Global hackathon launched for COVID-19 technology solutions

Developers from across the globe are competing in the Better Health Hackathon: #CodeforCOVID19 to crowdsource technology innovations to help find solutions to tackle the immediate and long-term impact of COVID-19.

The hackathon developers will be supported by leading technology and healthcare companies, academic experts, and thought leaders HCL Technologies, and will be working towards the development of technological solutions, including pandemic containment and prevention; diagnosis, treatment, and therapeutic management; recovery and return to normal; and systemic solutions for future crises.

As part of the programme, HCL has partnered with Microsoft and International SOS, the world’s largest medical and travel security services firm, who are providing business and technical oversight to the contest and feedback to team entries. A wide-ranging and prestigious group of executives and companies, across multiple industries, will serve as judges and advisory panel members, including scholars from Johns Hopkins University, University of Cambridge, Tuck School of Business, The University of Queensland, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and subject matter experts from HCL.

Better Health Hackathon

The competition is open to technology innovators, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers from the global developer community, and so far, has received more than 7,500 registrations from 600+ unique organisations and academic institutions spanning 350 locations across 52 countries.

To engage top talent in the coding community, the Hackathon is partnering with BeMyApp to leverage its expansive network of coders and tech enthusiasts.

Arthur Filip, Executive Vice President, Sales Transformation & Marketing, HCL Technologies, said: “The unique capabilities and strength of HCL’s global ecosystem of partners, coupled with the immense talent and best minds from the tech, developer, and entrepreneur communities, enables us to make a significant contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Technology has a big role to play in alleviating the challenges brought on by the pandemic, addressing solutions for successful containment and the reorientation of business and society. We are honoured to curate a very enthusiastic, committed and deeply talented global community to help us in this important work.”

What areas will the hackathon be addressing?

The HCL Better Health Hackathon: #CodeForCOVID19 will address the following areas:

  • Prevention and containment: #StayAtHome

This explores solutions that safeguard the most vulnerable in our communities, improve the way in which credible information is communicated, and help people to cope better with the challenges of self-isolation. This track will examine: How can technology aid efforts to #FlattenTheCurve by offering a better quality of life to encourage people to #StayAtHome.

  • Diagnosis, treatment, and therapeutic management

This track focusses on ways to more effectively protect and equip frontline healthcare workers and first responders, and to better serve those individuals and organisations seeking treatments and cures for COVID-19 with technology solutions.

  • Recovery and return to normal

This dives into the next phase of society after shutdown orders are removed. In the absence of a tested and available vaccine or therapeutic treatments against COVID-19, how can technology safeguard communities against a relapse of an outbreak, once social distancing and other restrictions are lifted throughout the world, allowing people to return to public spaces?

  • Systemic solutions for crises and pandemic management

This ideates innovative uses for next-gen technologies to plan for the long-term implications of COVID-19 and better prepare for future global pandemic-related challenges across healthcare and public services ecosystems.

Takuya Hirano, VP, Partner Services, Microsoft Corp., said: “This hackathon presents an opportunity for technology experts and innovative thinkers to showcase how advanced technology can help identify solutions to challenging problems facing societies. Technology can serve as a vehicle to drive new solutions that help improve the wellbeing of our communities and prepare us for future health challenges.”

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