Harvesting nature’s healing power with LeafCann

Specialising in the production of high quality, pharmaceutical grade cannabis medicines, we present to you our partner brochure with: LeafCann.

In this feature brochure, we take a glimpse into the atmosphere of LeafCann, where we learn about the company, it’s advantageous business model, their incredible Adelaide‐based extraction/manufacturing facility, the Alchemy Bioservices and more.

Did you know that LeafCann are Partners with us? Learn more about our Partner and their extensive knowledge in natural alternatives to pharmaceutical medicines with cannabis ingredients.

What does the brochure entail?

If you didn’t already know, LeafCann is an emerging leader in Australian medical cannabis research. Here, the company’s carefully cultivated brochure delves further into the world of Leafcann, and we’re delighted to introduce the LeafCann journey.

Leafcann’s extraction/manufacturing facility will be the largest processing site in Australia and one of the largest GMP Medicinal Cannabis Extraction facilities in the world. The brochure provides a deeper insight into the methodology of the company’s manufacturing process, and also gives a better understanding of the extraction methods and processing centres.

The dynamic products and services offered are also outlined, touching on the below topics:

  • Clinical trial material;
  • Full-service product development;
  • White label product;
  • Activated pharmaceutical ingredients; and
  • 3rd party GMP extraction and purification.

Research and development are a key component for the medicinal cannabis company, and LeafCann is making significant investments into developing medical treatments for a range of conditions outlined in this brochure.

What do you know about Alchemy Bioservices?

The medicinal cannabis industry requires workers with a diverse skill set and training in Good Agricultural Collection Practices, Good Laboratory Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices that, up until now, has not readily been available.

LeafCann’s subsidiary, Alchemy Bioservices (RTO: 41146), is aiming to change that scenario by offering courses that prepare people with specific skill sets to join the sector and opens the opportunity to establishing a long and meaningful career in the sector.

Want to learn about LeafCann and Alchemy Bioservices? Click on to the brochure to find out more!



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