Health Europa Quarterly Issue 05

Health Europa Quarterly issue 05 outlines the ongoing debate regarding the legalisation of medical cannabis in Europe and the work being done across the continent to ensure patients are able to receive this treatment where needed to help tackle debilitating conditions.

What is Europe’s stance on medical cannabis?

  • Following Germany’s legalisation of medical cannabis in March 2017, George Wurth, lobbyist, activist and managing director of the German Hemp Association (Deutscher Hanfverband), considers how far the medical cannabis law is fit for purpose, the road ahead to full legalisation, and the importance of research;
  • Dr Ethan Russo, of the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute, discusses the current state of medical cannabis research and the Czech Republic’s unique position in this field; and
  • Tim Lay and Dr Jonathan Newman explain how a European bike tour is boosting research, challenging assumptions, and winning support in the journey towards widespread medical cannabis legalisation.

How can we improve care of people with neurodegenerative diseases?

  • In the publication’s foreword, Professor Philippe Amouyel, chair of the EU Joint Programme on Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND), discusses the initiative’s €21m call to support health and social care research and innovation; and
  • Dr Matthew Norton, director of policy and strategy at Alzheimer’s Research UK, sets out where dementia research stands today – including the development of drug discovery programmes – and looks ahead to the future.

Can we end preventable deaths in hospitals?

Health Europa Quarterly attended the 6th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit in February 2018, where a host of big names gathered to discuss the journey towards zero preventable deaths in healthcare facilities. Our coverage includes:

  • Addresses by director general of the World Health Organization Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and former US President Bill Clinton, who weighed in on the whys and hows of patient safety, Medication Without Harm, and the importance of collaboration;
  • A presentation from Jeremy Hunt, UK secretary of state for health and social care, who outlined his efforts to enhance patient safety in the NHS by breaking down hierarchies and boosting transparency; and
  • An interview with Joe Kiani, the founder of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, who reflected on the work left to be done to reach the 0X2020 goal.

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