Health Europa Quarterly Issue 07

Exploring the rapidly changing environment of healthcare, Health Europa Quarterly issue 07 delves into environmental and climate-related harm and discusses the evolution of medical cannabis.

Can we mitigate the impact of the human health burden?

  • Dutch minister for Medical Care and Sport, Bruno Bruins discusses the remarkable steps taken by the Netherlands to improve the environmental healthcare sector.
  • Provoking the mind of attendees at CleanMed Europe 2018, Jonathan E Slutzman, MD, highlights the critical role the emergency department could play in mitigating against and improving the resistance of hospitals to climate change.
  • Speaking at the CleanMed Europe 2018 conference, Professor Jason Snape, senior principal environmental scientist, AstraZeneca, outlines some of the main points from his ten years of experience with the environmental risk assessment of human medicinal products.

What do you know about neurological disorders?

  • Monica Di Luca, the president of the European Brain Council (EBC) explains the Brain Mission, a committed effort to understand, develop and enhance treatments for related brain diseases and tackle the absence of this from the health research agenda.
  • One in every three people born in the UK in 2015 will one day develop dementia. Dementia UK’s Dr Karen Harrison Dening tells Health Europa Quarterly more about the challenges facing dementia care today.
  • What could the recent dismantling of the European Commission Expert Group on Dementia mean for dementia patients and research on the continent? Owen Miller and Jean Georges of Alzheimer’s Europe explore the debilitating disease.

The vast expansion of medical cannabis

  • The medical cannabis pilot programme recently launched in Denmark is explored further with Danish Minister of Health Ellen Trane Norby, and Rikke Jakobsen, the CEO of NGO Cannabis Denmark highlight Denmark. Here both individuals reflect upon the new medical cannabis pilot and development programmes and what they mean for patients, growers and healthcare professionals in Denmark.
  • In ten years, market intelligence firm Prohibition Partners predicts that the European cannabis market will be worth €115.7bn, of which medical cannabis will account for just under half (€55.2bn). Stephen Murphy the co-founder and managing director of Prohibition Partners, shares his thoughts on the evolving landscape of medical cannabis.
  • Before Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced that doctors will be able to prescribe cannabis products to patients in the UK, Health Europa Quarterly discussed with Jason Reed, the executive director of LEAP UK, who reflected on the need for common sense drug policy reform in the UK.

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