Health Europa Quarterly Issue 11

Health policy is in constant flux with healthcare models of every conceivable format facing growing pressure, here Health Europa Quarterly Issue 11 explores more.

Patients and policy seldom overlap on a large scale, however in the emotionally charged and ever evolving medicinal cannabis industry this is the very thing which appears to be driving change and raising much needed awareness. With this in mind our Health Europa Book Editor, Sophie Clutterbuck, warmly welcome you to Health Europa Quarterly issue 11 where once again we examine medical cannabis policy across the globe; discussing developments across the industry from investment and finance to technological advancements in hydroponics, extraction, branding and lighting best practice.

This edition includes a special feature dedicated to the UK and Ireland in light of recent developments such as the announcement that Ireland are embarking on a medicinal cannabis pilot scheme, and the release of the long anticipated NICE guidelines on prescribing cannabis-based medicines through the National Health Service.

Within these pages are responses to the aforementioned guidelines [which came as a disappointment to so many] from influential industry names such as Rob Wilson MP, CEO of the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group, and Professor Mike Barnes who of course needs no introduction.

We continue to examine policy developments and industry opportunities across the globe, from the more mature and established markets in North America, to exploring the enormous economic opportunities medical cannabis cultivation could present in developing countries such as Africa. For the first time we foray into Asia and discuss the speculated origins of the plant as things come full circle back to the region.

In other sections we explore ongoing digital innovation such as the potential applications of 5G on healthcare in a piece from Director of Local Government and Health at BT, Danny Longbottom; along with an assessment of innovation within the NHS and developments in eHealth in Germany. Closing this edition is a comment considering World Stomach Day from United European Gastroenterology expert, Professor Tamara Matysiak-Budnik on the burden gastric disease places on our societies.

In a further announcement, this will be the last issue of Health Europa Quarterly which will examine the ongoing global advancements in medical cannabis policy. We are excited to announce the launch of Medical Cannabis Network which can be accessed today. Alongside the new dedicated website, I am delighted to formally introduce Medical Cannabis Network Quarterly; the first edition of which will be published in January 2020.

I very much look forward to compiling the very first issue over the coming weeks, along with continuing to develop the content of Health Europa Quarterly as its own separate entity reporting on health trends and policy across a much broader spectrum.

I do hope you find the pages interesting and informative, and enjoy the contents of the publication and as always I would welcome any thoughts or feedback you may have.

Sophie Clutterbuck
Health Europa Book Editor
Health Europa Quarterly

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