Bringing opportunities for the hemp community through hemp shipping logistics

Bringing opportunities for the hemp community through hemp shipping logistics
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Hemp shipping logistics firm, SovereignPort LLC, opens EU office in Spain – with the goal of dramatically reducing processes and costs for EU customers shipping hemp globally.

SovereignPort LLC has officially been approved as an EU based company. The hemp customs clearance logistics firm will have their new office and port open in Tenerife, Spain. The new EU port will enable the company to provide a more affordable and streamlined benefit to EU clients, bringing advantageous opportunities to the European hemp community.

“EU port brings a lot of great opportunities for the hemp community”

Founded by Sarah Yetman, SovereignPort excels in the issues concerning CBD oils, isolate, biomass, crude and other industrial hemp products.

By utilising specialty FTZ agreements throughout the world, SovereignPort facilitates secure international logistics solutions for hemp, assisting with customs clearance, global logistics, import/export guidelines, and legal brokering.

The company has offices in the US and is adding the EU under its belt with the port in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

CEO Sarah Yetman says: “We are very excited to be a part of the Canary Islands. Our new EU port brings a lot of great opportunities for the hemp community at large. We will continue to serve our EU clients, but with a more affordable and streamlined advantage.”

The unique position for hemp shipping

Being a recognised and legal EU business translates to a reduction in shipping obstacles, timelines, and taxes. SovereignPort is now able to avoid foreign tariffs, taxes, and VATs for all European Union customers. There are no other hemp logistic companies legally operating in the US and EU, therefore placing SovereignPort in a unique position to help their clients.

Joshua Ready, EU Director for SovereignPort and an ex-pat living between Berlin and Tenerife, has over 20 years of experience in government and public relations, here Ready adds: “This is an enormous move, and an optimal time to assist in global trade now that our industry is looking for new opportunities.

“We help companies move the best resources efficiently to provide an affordable, high-quality product to the market.”

More about SovereignPort

SovereignPort also supports the brokering and sale of CBD and industrial hemp, a significant benefit to the international supply chain and is available for direct consultation and facilitation of shipping logistics or CBD brokering to and from both the US and EU.

Want to learn more about SovereignPort LLC and the hemp shipping services they provide? Click here to discover more: SovereignPort LLC 


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