Decoding the human immune system with the Human Vaccines Project

Decoding the human immune system with the Human Vaccines Project
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Director General Dr Jerome Kim joins the Human Vaccines Project’s efforts as one of four distinguished global leaders to decode the human immune system.

Dr Jerome Kim, Director General of the International Vaccine Institute (IVI), joins the Human Vaccines Project as one of four distinguished global leaders to help push forward its effort to solve one the greatest public health challenges of the 21st century, the decoding of the human immune system.

Embracing the project’s mission

Dr Kim will join the Project’s Scientific Steering Committee, together with Dr Soumya Swaminathan of the World Health Organization. The Honourable Julie Bishop, a 21-year member of Australia’s Parliament who spent five years as Foreign Minister will join the Project’s Board of Directors and internationally recognised Dutch virologist Jaap Goudsmit takes the helm as Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President.

Wayne C. Koff, President and CEO of the Human Vaccines Project, said: “The Human Vaccines Project is very pleased that these four accomplished leaders have embraced the Project’s mission to address the next frontier in human health, the human immune system”.

“Their extensive expertise across public, private, and non-profit sectors will greatly strengthen our organization’s capacity to successfully integrate biomedical, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies towards transforming the future of human health.”

Four distinguished leaders

“We are excited to welcome the Honourable Julie Bishop to the Human Vaccines Project’s Board of Directors and, in so doing, to further expand our strong partnership with the Telethon Kids Institute,” says Professor Ian Gust, chair of the Human Vaccines Project Board.

“And we are thrilled that Jaap Goudsmit has joined the Project’s executive management team, and that Drs Kim and Swaminathan are providing their time and commitment to our mission.

“Collectively, these talented individuals will bolster our efforts worldwide.”

About The International Vaccine Institute

The International Vaccine Institute (IVI) is the world’s only international organization devoted exclusively to developing and introducing new and improved vaccines to protect the world’s poorest people, especially children in developing countries.

Established in 1997, IVI operates as an independent international organization under a treaty signed by 35 countries and the World Health Organization. The Institute conducts research in more than 30 countries throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America on vaccines against enteric and diarrheal infections, Japanese encephalitis, MERS-CoV, Group A Strep, and Schistosomiasis, and develops new and improved vaccines at its headquarters in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

About the Human Vaccines Project

The Human Vaccines Project is a bold public-private initiative that aims to decode the human immune system to make the next leap forward in human health.

Pioneering a new era in health, the Project will enable the creation of next-generation vaccines, diagnostics, and therapies across diseases.

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