Inside Medicaleaf: your guide to CBD and medical cannabis innovations

In this book Medicaleaf guides us through its health and wellness CBD and medicinal cannabis innovations. Founded by a team of scientists, caregivers, cannabis advocates, business leaders, and marketing experts, Medicaleaf is committed to producing safe and reliable cannabis products which promote their vision of wellness from nature.

Medicaleaf’s cannabis innovations and technological developments are set to make cannabis prescribing much easier – and the company is currently working with the NHS and NHIR to trial a unique and patented prescription technology which will help with cannabis dosing, as well as streamlining the prescription process, and removing risk.

Based on its vision of wellness from nature and using advanced and natural processing techniques, Medicaleaf are developing a wellness ‘system’ in the form of complimentary products that ensure a balanced intake of CBD. To do this, Medicaleaf has produced a range of CBD products, including bottled drinks, coffee, and tea, as well as snacks, oils, and balms, and demonstrate the companies ‘Deliver Delicious’ philosophy – focussing on exciting flavours for its customers.

Not only is Medicaleaf promoting a vision of wellness from nature and better health through reduced or no added sugar products, it also prioritises nature by practising eco-friendly ethics – aspiring to make its products as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

Medicaleaf is committed to the alleviation of pain and suffering through its products and partnerships – pledging to operate as a philanthropic business, maintaining ethical standards, and working from its value base of family, integrity, philanthropy, education, and thankfulness.


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