International Cannabis Business Conference to hit Barcelona

International Cannabis Business Conference to hit Barcelona

The International Cannabis Business Conference is joining forces with Spannabis once again to form another super-conference that begins 12 March in Barcelona, Spain.

For the better part of two decades, Spannabis has served as the world’s biggest cannabis trade show, while the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) has established itself as the world’s premier B2B (business to business) cannabis networking event series for entrepreneurs and investors from over 60 different countries.

Spannabis teamed up with the International Cannabis Business Conference in 2019 to form a super-conference, and the collaboration was a tremendous success.

Barcelona, Spain is one of the most beautiful places on the entire planet. It is also home to an amazing cannabis community and arguably the best social cannabis consumption scene in the world.

“We needed to collaborate with a leading company in the cannabis business sector, with experience also in Europe, and ICBC has all the knowledge to be able to make such an event in Spain. We have no doubt that our combined event will be a success and many of our attendees will be grateful to have a B2B event of this quality.” Spannabis organizers stated.

Spannabis organisers went on to say: “Feria del Cáñamo (Spannabis) has been in the cannabis sector for more than 17 years and is much more than just a fair. The Spanish cannabis industry has more potential every day and is taking firm steps to improve Spain’s laws.

“We believe that the time is right to offer reliable information on the economic potential of the cannabis sector and the viability that Spain would have to become one of the key countries in Europe.”


The International Cannabis Business Conference is owned and operated by cannabis advocates that believe in celebrating cannabis culture in addition to providing world-class cannabis industry education and networking opportunities.

“Spannabis is not only the biggest Cannabis fair in Europe but the biggest in the world. The Spannabis brand name is iconic, and we are honoured to be partnering with such a long-time and important institution” stated Alex Rogers, Executive Producer of the International Cannabis Business Conference.

“Spannabis is the meeting point for the entire European cannabis scene. It is first and foremost a consumer event, however, many folks who attend are also looking for a B2B element. The ICBC’s partnership with Spannabis fills this gap and satisfies a clear need for major cannabis industry players to meet, network, and to progress and advance the industry as cannabis laws are liberalised in Spain and across the continent.” Rogers said.

The rich cannabis history and culture in Barcelona make it the perfect backdrop to the International Cannabis Business Conference on March 12, 2020. The schedule will be packed with true cannabis experts discussing the latest developments and innovations in the global cannabis industry.

People from all backgrounds will be in attendance, including leading cannabis policymakers, entrepreneurs, and advocates. It will be the perfect place to learn about the emerging cannabis industry and make impactful and lasting partnerships with other cannabis professionals.

The movement to bring more freedom, jobs, and revenue to nations around the world is picking up momentum as reform continues to spread across the globe. A number of European nations either have an operating cannabis industry in some form or are exploring the idea of implementing one.

The combined efforts of the International Cannabis Business Conference and Spannabis will add to the worldwide political and cultural effort to end the failed and harmful policy of cannabis prohibition. If you are in the cannabis industry or are thinking of getting involved, the ICBC-Spannabis super-conference will be the cannabis event of 2020 and you do not want to miss it.

The International Cannabis Business Conference in Barcelona will be held on March 12, 2020, at the Auditori de Cornellà with an after-party at the iconic Arts Hotel. The after-party will feature Damian Marley and other musical guests, which you will not want to miss. Anyone who has attended an International Cannabis Business Conference after-party will be very quick to tell you that they are legendary.

Spannabis has been the world’s largest cannabis trade show for a number of years, and the International Cannabis Business Conference is the world’s premier B2B cannabis networking event for entrepreneurs and investors. Over 60 countries will be represented at our super-conference in March in Barcelona.

In addition to co-hosting the super-conference in Barcelona, the International Cannabis Business Conference also hosts events in Berlin (April 1-3), Bern (May 13-14), Vancouver (September 11), and San Francisco (2021 date TBD).

You can secure tickets now.

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