Leading Australia’s medical cannabis industry with Anspec

Anspec are an ethical wholesaler and sponsor of pharmaceutical and health care products, and is Australia’s largest distributor of medical cannabis.

From humble beginnings, the business has evolved to work as Australia’s largest distributor to over 35 countries across the globe, often acting as a key industry advisor to state and federal government bodies.

In this brochure we look at Anspec’s medical cannabis distribution services across the Pacific region and the foundation of Anspec’s success in becoming one of the largest medicinal cannabis suppliers in the southern hemisphere.

Did you know that Anspec are partners with Medical Cannabis Network? Learn more about our partner and their medical cannabis distribution.

What can you find in the brochure?

In this brochure you can discover more about Anspec’s supply of pharmaceutical and health products to pharmacies, hospitals, GP practices, wholesalers and key account tender customers, along with the associated services offered by the business to clients both in the domestic and international markets.

The brochure touches on the below topics:

  • Key business operations;
  • Importing and exporting;
  • Australia’s medical cannabis industry;

What do you know about Anspec?

Anspec has been an expert in import and export activities for over 25 years. Anspec began as a major supplier to the Pacific region and has maintained long and close relationships across the region with government and private health care centres, and retail pharmacy clients, leveraging and optimising these connections with quality suppliers and quality products.

Want to learn about Anspec? Click on to the brochure to find out more!


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