London professor appointed chairman of Europe medicinal cannabis body

London professor appointed chairman of Europe's medical cannabis body

A long-standing member of the UK Government Regulatory Agency Medicines Commission and King’s College, London professor has been appointed as chairman of the European Medicinal Cannabis Association.

The European Medicinal Cannabis Association (EUMCA), the newly formed Brussels-based industry body which advocates for European evidence-based policy to improve patient access to high-quality cannabis treatment, has announced the appointment of Professor Jones, CBE, FMedSci, as its new Chairman.

The European Medicinal Cannabis Association

The EUMCA, incorporated on 14 November 2019, was formally launched the following week at the MedCann World Forum 2019 in Malta, and represents the interests of ethical companies working in the supply and manufacture of medical cannabis.

Founding members include Bundesverband der Pharmazeutischen Industrie (BPI), Cannaflos, Comm-Op Europe, Ethical Medicines Industry Group (EMIG), IQANNA – the Pharmaceutical Division of Clever Leaves, Materia Ventures, MSSV, Panaxia and Tilray.

Professor Jones

In Professor Jones, the EUMCA will be welcoming an accomplished and distinguished scientist, policy expert and businessman who, in the course of his career, has made a central contribution to global health through his scientific research and development output.

As Group R&D Director at The Wellcome Foundation Ltd he was responsible for the development of AZT, Zovirax, Lamictal, Malarone and other medicines. He was a Director of Allergan Inc. (USA), and Director General of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI).

Sita Schubert, General Secretary of the European Medicinal Cannabis Association, commented: “We are honoured to have Professor Jones lead the EUMCA as we look to build on our mission to promote scientific medical research, and to bring a credible voice that drives and shapes policy in the standardised, ethical and sustainable use of medicinal cannabis across the region.

“EUMCA exists to help producers and manufacturers overcome challenges, such as meeting GMP standards, but with our aggregated experience in pharmaceuticals, biotech and government, we are also uniquely well placed to leverage best practice as we drive positive change and innovation.”

Professor Jones served for 12 years as a member of the UK Government Regulatory Agency Medicines Commission and as Chairman of the UK Government Advisory Group on Genetics Research.

Currently he is Director of the Life Sciences investment company Arix Bioscience plc, of the Oxford based Drug Discovery Company e-Therapeutics plc and of Respiratory Innovation Wales Ltd. Professor Jones is also a visiting professor at King’s College, London and was appointed to the World Health Organization Commission on Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Public Health.

Prof Trevor M Jones CBE FMedSci, commented: “EUMCA’s members are the ethical European manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical grade medicinal cannabis products and the organisation’s aim is to become the authoritative voice for the industry sector.

“This is about creating a supportive regulatory environment in which producers and manufacturers sign up to good manufacturing practices (GMP) and deliver medicinal cannabinoid treatments that conform with acknowledged scientific standards of quality, safety and efficacy.

“We seek a standardised and harmonised regulatory prescribing framework to which all Member States can confidently ascribe and this will not be achieved in the absence of a base of sound scientific evidence. I am delighted to be able to lead the organisation as it commences its vital work in the field of medicinal cannabis.”

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  1. Does he know about the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)and cannabis None of our MP’s, GP’s, NICE, CCG’s, Deans of Medical Schools appear to know how cannabis can help our deficient ECS to allow the body to heal itself🤬


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