Medical Cannabis Network Quarterly Issue 01

Medical Cannabis Network is delighted to announce the very first edition of our new publication, Medical Cannabis Network Quarterly, brought to you by Health Europa.

There have been many developments in the medical cannabis movement globally since MCN began to cover this topic in our Health Europa publication some time ago, and we are excited to dedicate our resources to this dynamic subject on a more permanent basis.

Our first edition covers several elements of the on-going movement, from cannabis policy and advocacy, the on-going research into the endocannabinoid system, new developments such as the recently-announced Irish Medical Cannabis Access Programme, recruitment within the evolving industry, cannabis’ applications in mental health and even social aspects – such as the ongoing black market.

The emerging cannabis industry

Clearly medical cannabis is here to stay, but there are many areas which must be examined closely and the resounding message from the events we have been lucky enough to partner with over the last few months (including the MedCann World Forum in Malta, Cannabis Innovation Hub, and GCI Europe‘s London event, and The Cannabis Society’s European Medical Conference in Berlin, Germany) is simply that everyone must work together to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients. Differences must be put aside, and partnerships built for the greater good. Collaboration will be key to success.

In Europe, until such a time as there is harmonised policy across the continent – whenever that may be – companies, advocates, policymakers and anyone wishing to drive innovation and increased access must come together for the common goal and the end result they all strive for; increased access to high quality, novel formulations of cannabis based medicines with patients at the centre of the fight.

The potential developments across the globe, over the next few years are plentiful, and the industry is already attracting substantial attention and investment from all over the world. The question now is when – rather than if – the inevitable swing towards reform will come.

Medical Cannabis Network Quarterly

We very much look forward to covering these advances as and when they arrive, and of course Medical Cannabis Network Quarterly welcome any feedback or comments you may have on the contents of this, and any future, issues.

I hope you enjoy the first edition of the publication and if you have any suggestions for content you would like to see in future please contact Medical Cannabis Network at

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