Medical Cannabis Network Quarterly Issue 3

Medical Cannabis Network Quarterly editor Rosemary Lobley introduces our third edition, which looks at cannabis research, policy, and national and international regulation of cannabis.

Welcome to the third edition of Medical Cannabis Network, covering research and policy; national and international regulation of cannabis; and an in-depth insight into industry concerns, from the practicalities of importing and exporting cannabis during a global pandemic to the specific challenges posed by Canada’s Cannabis 2.0 legislation.

This edition opens with Dr Igor Grant, Distinguished Professor of the Department of Psychiatry at UC San Diego, highlighting research advances and legal setbacks in the US cannabis sector. Our Europe section showcases the best and the brightest in European cannabis, from Hemp Futures OÜ’s focus on accountability, to NNE’s emphasis of the need for strict, comprehensive quality control, to Cloud 9 Group’s strongly held principles; while the European Alliance for Medical Cannabis and the European Medical Cannabis Association give an overview of cannabis policy around the EU. Bryan, Garnier & Co explores the rise in European medical cannabis investment; Sanity Group highlights the need to improve patient access; while Malta Enterprise details its continued support for research and industry in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak. In the UK, Althea is working to support patients with debilitating conditions; Project Twenty21’s Amelia Middlemiss and Dr Chloe Sakal provide an update on the project’s progress; and family-owned Always Pure Organics Ltd is continually seeking out opportunities to grow.

Our Israel section, featuring IcBD and Sade Precise Agriculture, is followed by a focus on North America, with New Frontier Data’s insights into the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic followed by Jamie Shaw’s thoughts on the progress of cannabis legislation in Canada and Cannadabis’s disruptive advances into tissue culture. In Australia, meanwhile, we look at the successes and future endeavours of Cannaponics, BBS’s optimistic outlook and the best practice standards promoted by Leafcann.

We then move on to the Industry Focus section, where SovereignPort explores issues around the shipping and supply of cannabis products, Grow2Guys showcases the lessons European industry can learn from North America; and Valens GroWorks Corporation highlights the benefits of cutting edge technologies in creating premium grade products. This section, and the book, close with a look at the environmental and economic benefits of hemp provided by the UK’s Vitality Hemp.



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