Medical Cannabis Network Quarterly Issue 4

Welcome to the fourth edition of Medical Cannabis Network Quarterly, which examines the evolution of the cannabis industry in the face of shifting legislation, growing concerns over prejudice and representation, and the continuing worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

This edition is introduced by Cannabis Trade Federation Chair of the Board Christian Sederberg, who highlights the renewed reckoning which must take place as the industry confronts its own biases and exclusions.

Global cannabis

In our Europe section, independent consultancy NNE and venture advisory firm Volvér highlights the substantial benefits of the medical cannabis science– and risk-based approach to facility design; while ProPharma Group’s Steve Swantek explores key factors for consideration when launching medical cannabis products onto the European markets and the European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies tells MCN about the role of education in harm reduction. Cloud 9 Switzerland Group showcases its range of innovative, patient-centred nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals; and Cannabis Trades Association Director Tim Henley and New Frontier Data CEO Giadha Aguirre DeCarcer both weigh in on the potential impacts of changes to Novel Foods regulation. We go on to examine health policy in Malta, with the Malta Medicines Authority detailing its innovative approach to cannabis regulation and Malta Enterprise highlighting its role in administering COVID-19 support.

In the USA, cannabis expert Dr Peter Grinspoon tells us about the role of cannabis in alleviating the opioid crisis and the potential implications on cannabis policy of the upcoming presidential election. Urban-Gro, Inc explores the benefits to cannabis production facilities of cultivation space planning; while Resource Innovation Institute Executive Director Derek Smith details the additional benefits of comprehensively tracking resource consumption. Meanwhile, in Canada, we learn about Dr Hance Clarke’s Real-World Evidence clinical trial and the growing need for product standardisation post-Cannabis 2.0, courtesy of The Valens Company.

In our Asia section, Naoko Miki of Green Zone Japan shows us hemp’s legal and cultural history in Japan, asking the key question: considering the cultural – and religious – significance of hemp, why is Japanese cannabis law so strict? Our Australia section features Anspec, the country’s largest medical cannabis distributor, alongside Australian regulator the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the ambitious, innovative LeafCann Group.

Our Industry Focus section begins by exploring legislation, industry standards and sustainability practices surrounding hemp with European Industrial Hemp Association Managing Director Lorenza Romanese and premium hemp producer the European Hemp Company.

Banking and finance

We then move on to a focus on cannabis banking and finance, as Rohit Fogla of UK commercial lawyers Hill Dickinson describes the current regulatory landscape and Adrian Jacob, Director of Currency UK, explores the impact of COVID-19 on cannabis-related foreign exchange. The section, and the book, close with Hill Dickinson Associate Eleri Williams detailing current UK legislation governing cannabis import, export, and shipping.

Rosemary Lobley
Medical Cannabis Network Quarterly, editor


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