Discover MedTech’s call to action for an interoperable data ecosystem for digital health

Discover MedTech’s call to action for an interoperable data ecosystem for digital health
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MedTech Europe have recently published a paper reflecting on the world of digital health and it’s call to action regarding the need for an interoperable data ecosystem.

Reflecting on the medical technology industry’s view, MedTech Europe highlights one of the most persistent barriers to the deployment of digital health technologies services: the lack of an interoperable data ecosystem.

What do you know about an interoperable data ecosystem?

According to the paper, MedTech’s vision is to have an open and interoperable digital health ecosystem, where health data and information flow freely and securely between and across platforms and systems from different vendors and across borders.

The aim is to establish an ecosystem to inform and empower citizens and patients, healthcare professionals and providers, payers and authorities, science and research; an ecosystem, in full compliance with applicable privacy and data protection principles, with the ultimate goal to transform the provision of health services towards better access, safer services, and integrated, patient-centred, care.

The importance of medical technology

The medtech industry is a vital enabler of digital health. It makes the advanced connected medical and in vitro diagnostic devices and technologies that deliver health data with clinical accuracy and veracity, as well as state of the art safety and security, on which patients, providers and researchers rely.

Yet, despite the rapidly evolving and expanding field of digital health innovations and a growing body of evidence that data and digital solutions can transform healthcare, digital health models are not being widely adopted. There is an emerging consensus that lack of interoperability is a major factor holding back investment in, and deployment of, digital health.

MedTech Europe’s goal of an interoperable data ecosystem

MedTech Europe shares the commitment to integrated, patient-centred care, and supports the vision of an interoperable data ecosystem. MedTech Europe welcomes the European Commission’s EHR Exchange Format and its technical recommendations.

This approach – along with the build-up of the eHealth Digital Services Infrastructure (eHDSI) – will guide the formulation and implementation of national and regional digital health strategies. The format will also guide the technical frameworks for data architectures, and eventually (with mandates for adherence to standards) purchasing and procurement decisions from healthcare authorities and providers.

MedTech Europe is committed to advancing digital health interoperability and to helping accelerate the change.

To enable the digital transformation of health care, MedTech Europe invites policymakers
and all stakeholders to engage and contribute to an interoperable data ecosystem through:

  • Leadership;
  • Procurement;
  • Investment; and
  • Other industries.
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