Moderna COVID-19 vaccine receives approval in UK

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine receives approval in UK
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The British Government has now authorised the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for use.

The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine has become the third in Britain to gain authorisation for use following safety evaluations. It uses messenger RNA (mRNA) which gives instructions from DNA to cells’ protein-making machinery, producing fragments of the virus. The body then uses this to create an immune response by reading the genetic instructions and producing a spike protein, which the immune system will then produce defences against.

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The vaccine was authorised following assessment by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and advice from the independent Commission on Human Medicines.

MHRA Chief Executive Dr June Raine said: “Today’s approval brings more encouraging news to the public and the healthcare sector. Having a third COVID-19 vaccine approved for supply following a robust and thorough assessment of all the available data is an important goal to have achieved and I am proud that the agency has helped to make this a reality. The progress we are now making for vaccines on the regulatory front, whilst not cutting any corners, is helping in our global fight against this disease and ultimately helping to save lives. I want to echo that our goal is always to put the protection of the public first.

“Once in use, all COVID-19 vaccines are continually monitored by the MHRA. This ensures that the benefits in protecting people against COVID-19 continue to far outweigh any potential side-effects. Meantime, even if you have had a vaccine it is vital that everyone follows the national lockdown restrictions and remembers ‘stay alert, protect the NHS and save lives’ at all times.”

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