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myPOCacademy – a centralised point-of-care testing medical education platform

myPOCacademy is a medical education platform for healthcare professionals (HCPs).

myPOCacademy is an independent and scientifically validated content to help HCPs stay up to date with the latest developments regarding point-of-care testing (POCT) in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic prescription, COVID-19 and infectious diseases.

myPOCacademy allows HCPs to develop and enhance their knowledge of POCT through materials that are professionally certified by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) service. Learning materials include expert-led, on-demand and live webinars, podcasts, articles, article summaries, guideline summaries and factsheets.

What is POCT?

POCT is defined as diagnostic testing that is performed at or near to the site of the patient1. POCT can take place in diverse settings, such as the GP surgery, in the community or in the emergency setting. POCT can be performed by trained laboratory professionals, paramedics, radiologists, doctors, nurses and other HCPs2. POCT devices come in a variety of forms, including handheld devices and more sophisticated benchtop analysers, which can deliver results fast2.

Benefits of POCT

  • Provides results at the site of care delivery, reducing time to decision-making3 and reducing the number of patients lost to follow up4
  • Faster than laboratory testing, with results available within minutes5
  • Can be conducted by any trained healthcare professional2, improving practice workflow and efficiency3
  • Convenient for patients and has been shown to increase patient understanding, motivation and satisfaction3

The value of a centralised POCT medical education platform

The healthcare industry is continuously evolving. With the introduction and advancement of technologies and medicines comes revised best practices and guidelines. Continued education is key for HCPs to provide high-quality patient care. myPOCacademy stays up  to date with all the latest POCT developments, simplifying the process for HCPs to improve their knowledge within their respective fields.

myPOCacademy – a point-of-care testing medical education platform


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