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NervGen: Vying to disrupt the treatment of degenerative diseases

Backed by over three decades of thorough research, NervGen’s latest drug candidate has the potential to reverse damage caused by degenerative conditions.

Canadian R&D innovator NervGen Pharma Corp. is developing a novel drug candidate, NVG-291, that is intended to treat the type of nerve system damage caused by degenerative conditions, including MS, Alzheimer’s disease, spinal injury, brain injury, stroke, and many more central nervous system diseases lacking effective treatments.

Currently, the degenerative disease MS has no known cure and there are few new drug candidates with the potential to either ‘stop’, reverse, or repair the damage it causes.

In pre-clinical trials, the drug has demonstrated the capability to repair and revitalise damaged nerves and neurons by triggering the body’s natural ability to repair itself. NervGen’s CEO, Paul Brennan, describe NVG-291 as “a completely new treatment paradigm.”

Backed by 30 years of research

The treatment was developed following over 30 years of pioneering medical research, with the aim of determining the key element to repairing nervous system damage and restoring lost function. The work was carried out by award-winning American neuroscientist Dr Jerry Silver, who has now licensed the technology to NervGen.

NervGen says the drug has the potential to address nervous system damage in a range of debilitating medical indications, whether caused by trauma or chronic disease. This is a stark contrast from existing MS drugs that focus on addressing underlying symptoms, such as inflammation, in an effort to slow down the progression of the disease. The difference with current MS drugs is that, once a disability has developed in a patient with MS, the drugs cannot restore the lost function.

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