NHS technology is about to get revamped with Matthew Gould as new CEO of NHSX

NHS technology is about to get revamped with Matthew Gould as new CEO of NHSX
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Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed the appointment of Matthew Gould as the new CEO of NHSX – Could this bring a new era of NHS technology to the UK?

The Health Secretary has put interoperability at the top of Gould’s to do list, stating that NHSX will ensure that “all new NHS technology will be designed in a way that ensures different systems can talk to each other.” The joining up of data was a key theme in techUK’s Manifesto for Hancock, published by techUK in November 2018.

What do you know about NHSX?

The government recently announced a newly formed organisation NHSX to oversee NHS technology, digital and data. The new unit will effectively take a position above NHS Digital, which is believed to continue with its current remit.

Below is a brief summary of the responsibilities of NHSX;

  • Coordination and consistency: Regarding national policy, best practices for NHS technology, digital and data
  • Setting standards: Developing, agreeing and mandating clear standards for the use of technology in the NHS and ensuring transparency across the board
  • Driving implementation: Helping to improve clinical care by delivering agile, user-focused projects
  • Radical innovation: Supporting the use of new, emergent and effective technologies by the NHS
  • Common technologies and services: Ensuring technologies and services are designed effectively
  • Reforming procurement: Helping the NHS buy the right technology through the application of technology standards, streamlined spend controls and new procurement frameworks
  • Cyber policy: Setting national strategy and mandating cyber security standards
  • Digital capability: Championing and developing digital training, skills and culture
  • Governance: Delivering an efficient process for technology spend, domain name management and website security.

Digging for Gould

Commenting on the emerging shape of NHSX and its new CEO, techUK CEO Julian David said:

“There is broad consensus that NHS technology simply isn’t good enough. Patients have to repeat the same information; clinicians spend hours logging on to outdated systems; and managers can’t access the data they need to make big decisions.

“In Matthew Gould, NHSX has appointed a Chief Executive with a depth of experience at the intersection of technology and the public sector.

“We have worked closely with Matthew to help nurture a digital ecosystem where great ideas can become successful, scalable companies and there is a huge opportunity to do just that in the health sector.

“We look forward to working with him to propel the UK into a destination of choice for health tech innovation.”

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