Obesity treatment: a new efficient paradigm

Obesity treatment

Dr Holm Ltd. offers the web application DrHolmApp and educational courses for both healthcare professionals and patients.

Obesity is an immense global health challenge and efficient obesity treatment is of pivotal importance. Efficient and easily implementable protocols for the treatment of obesity are lacking. Dr Holm Ltd. is introducing a new and efficient paradigm in the understanding and treatment of obesity.

The treatment platforms are provided in the form of country-specific web application services (DrHolmApp.co.uk, DrHolmApp.de, DrHolmApp.eu etc. available from August 2018), accessible from the web browser on any device with an internet connection (smartphone, tablet, computer etc.), as well as educational courses addressing obesity treatment for both healthcare professionals and patients (Dr Holm Health Courses Ltd.).


Obesity evolves at a pandemic scale with enormous implications for future public health and disease including a shortening in expected life span. Treatment of obesity has traditionally been a difficult task with disappointing retention rates and treatment results. An effective obesity treatment strategy is imperative and urgently needed worldwide.

Obesity is not only an individual problem, but conveys considerable global economical and societal challenges.1,2 Since no gold standard for treating obesity has been identified, it is imperative to take action in this paradigm shift, where obesity is treated as a disease as declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948, by the American Medical Association and the American Heart Association in 2013, by the Canadian Medical Association in 2015,3-6 and as recommended by the EASO’s Childhood Obesity Task Force in 2015.7 The understanding of obesity as a disease implies that patients with obesity must be offered a professional medical healthcare service in accordance with good clinical practice and their individual psychosocial and medical needs.

Treatment of obesity by the Dr Holm protocol is a gamechanger, and has demonstrated convincing results in a clinical setting with reductions in the degree of obesity in 69-90% of thousands of patients in several studies in both primary and secondary healthcare clinics.8-10 Additionally, the Dr Holm protocol has managed to ameliorate obesity-related medical complications including the degree of hypertension, fatty liver disease, visceral fat, and five out of five lipid fractions in dyslipidemia11-13 as well as improvements in appetite, bullying, quality of life, and body satisfaction.14 Furthermore, reductions in the degree of obesity during multidisciplinary childhood obesity treatment are accompanied by improvements in body composition and fasting plasma lipid concentrations in nine out of ten.15

Course training and obesity treatment for both healthcare professionals and patients

Dr Holm Health Courses Ltd. has developed a full course programme for healthcare professionals (courses 1-3 and brush-up courses) and patients (weight loss treatment and follow-up courses). The patient courses are developed and held in concert with the DrHolmApp program providing the patients with subsequent guidance, support and treatment. The courses are widely used throughout Denmark (i.e. in the vast majority of the 98 municipalities) and are provided internationally.

The combined health and weight loss web application, DrHolmApp (.dk, .co.uk, .de, .eu, etc.)

The web application DrHolmApp has established a treatment protocol for adults, adolescents, and children with overweight or obesity. The web application is commercially available (pay-per-use) and costs approximately €5-20 per month depending on subscription type. The web solution provides a structured, tailored treatment plan comprising a series of lifestyle advises based on the user’s answers to a thorough questionnaire regarding habits of eating, physical activity and inactivity, sleeping, drinking, smoking and much more. The users self-report their height and weight at baseline and at the subsequent monthly follow-up consultations, which enable a process development where the user integrates the treatment plan as part of their everyday life the rest of their life.

DrHolmApp.dk shows excellent results

The first evaluation of DrHolmApp.dk web application showed that the degree of obesity (measured by BMI) was reduced in 76% of all participants corresponding to a decrease in BMI of 0.72 units (95% confidence interval: 0.63-0.82, p<0.0001). Those not obtaining a weight loss did not increase their degree of obesity.


The DrHolmApp web application treatment protocol is effective in reducing BMI and does so in a novel and easily accessible manner, which has the potential to offer efficient treatment of overweight and obesity to everybody.

For more information, contact Consultant, MD, PhD, CEO Jens-Christian Holm at jch@drholm.com, contact@drholmapp.dk or contact@drholmcourses.com

DrHolmApp Ltd. and Dr Holm Health Courses Ltd. are part of Jens-Christian Holm Holding.

The DrHolmApp programs are based on country specific responsive homepages (web applications) and are thus not available in App store or Google Play.


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