Optimising workforce management with Quinyx

Quinyx offers a workplace management solution that can solve many of the workplace-related challenges faced by healthcare providers.

From too much time spent on admin tasks to understaffing or overstaffing, there are a range of issues facing healthcare providers that can lead to low morale and engagement

However, a proper workplace management process can help to overcome many of these challenges, providing a solution that can be used to administer everything from covering staff absence to matching skills and shifts to patient demand.

The workforce management process

Workforce Management (WFM) is the process of optimising the productivity of employees, making sure they are in the right place, at the right time, and that the necessary skills are available. From Excel spreadsheets to state-of-the-art cloud native WFM solutions, there are many ways to tackle scheduling, time and attendance, reporting, and forecasting.

Quinyx offers an optimised workplace management solution

Quinyx is a cloud-native, mobile-first, workplace management solution that offers seamless scheduling, staffing, time reporting, communication, and task management all in one place. This optimised process leads to greater efficiency, time gain and costs saving.

Quinyx offers: perfect rotas for optimised operations and reduced costs; smart scheduling to meet patient demand; increased shift forecasting accuracy; advanced insights and labour cost optimisation and more to healthcare providers.

It also helps facilitate communication between employers and employees, leading to happier and more engaged staff.

Find out more about Quinyx’s optimised workplace management solution in this eBook.



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