Pfalzklinikum provides mental health and neurology services in the Rhineland-Palatinate

Pfalzklinikum is a provider of mental health and neurology services in the Rhineland-Palatinate in southwest Germany with over 2,000 employees in 14 locations.

Its work encompasses approximately 1.4 million people in the Palatinate, focusing on community-based, child and adolescent, mental health and general psychiatry, and neurology services.

As a provider in the mental health sector, Pfalzklinikum delivers:

  • Psychiatric;
  • Psychosomatic;
  • Psychotherapeutic;
  • Child and adolescent psychiatric;
  • Gerontopsychiatric;
  • Neurological;
  • Social therapy; and
  • Community psychiatry.

A main focus is put on more than helping people become mentally healthy again; maintaining mental health is the overall objective of the institution and its declared duty. Pfalzklinikum is continuously working on new projects, following the institution’s aim of creating a resilient and mentally healthy Palatine region by 2025.

The mental health provider treats and supports people of all age groups in the case of illnesses, disorders, crises, disability and impairment as well as their consequences for those affected, relatives and society.

Across several articles, Pfalziklinikum discusses their role in psychiatry and neurology, covering aspects such as quality of life, stress, healthcare and social change. The initiative was set up in 2014 by Pfalziklinikum and national and international projects, such as universities, communication experts and think tanks with the aim of people being able to help one another to remain healthy and cope well with personal challenges.

One of the main focuses is social environment, and Pfalzklinikum works to help people developing a health literacy that starts long before the topic of disease even comes up. This suggests the competence of remaining healthy and benefitting from the strength and support of their social environment.

Currently, the initiative is involved in different projects that illustrate its three work fields:

  • ‘Myself and Others’;
  • ‘The Job and the Company’; and
  • ‘Me/US in the Community’.


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