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Comment from Stephanie Davies, Head of Operations
23rd January 2019

“We have been aware of claims made in an article in a US journal about our sales process since early 2018. We didn’t think the criticisms made about us were true at the time, and they certainly don’t hold water now a year later.

“Like most publications our online sites and associated publications contain a mix of editorial and paid-for advertising and advertorials. The publication which featured the article is no different from us in that regard. Indeed, arguably we both share some of the same readers, and perhaps have potential advertisers in common too.

“Our sales process is clearly outlined on our websites with a named point of contact for feedback and questions. Indeed, we are so confident that our advertisers will be happy with our sales process that we only invoice for payment after their advert has appeared. This means that if they are unhappy in any way, they can raise this with us before any money has been paid.

“Our websites and publications are respected in their sectors and provide useful and relevant content to their audiences as can be seen in our visitor figures. That’s not to say we are perfect. We are always looking for ways to improve. For example, last year we set up editorial advisory panels to advise us on things we could do differently or better.  Each panel is made up of independent sector specialists who are leaders in their respective fields and who give us their time free of charge.”


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About Pan European Networks

Founded in 2011 Pan European Networks Ltd is an independent and privately-owned publishing company focusing on the relationship between the public and private sectors across Europe. It hosts three websites, each with its own digital publication that informs its audience of the latest news, views and developments in Europe and beyond. We focus our attention on the government, scientific and health sectors.

Government Europa Quarterly

Our government publication delves into European governance covering sectors including transport, defence, energy, environment and maritime. Its host website,, was the first of our sites to gain Google News approval.

SciTech Europa Quarterly

Our science and technology publication provides opportunities to leading figures from across Europe to discuss current and future projects, policy change and future priorities within research and development. The website,, provides daily news covering the latest developments in all areas of science but with key interest in the research and innovation, health, environment, materials and nanotechnology, and space sectors.

Health Europa Quarterly

Our health publication is committed to highlighting the latest trends and developments in health and healthcare from across Europe and beyond.  The accompanying website,, features daily news, interviews and insightful commentary from leading figures, keeping readers informed and up to date on all aspects of health and care.